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Taping Back Technique

Posted by Jazmine Backous on Aug 26, 2016

Apply Lashes Faster and Create a Fuller Look

Taping back the eyelash extensions - Lash Stuff

I've been using this new technique to be able to apply lashes faster and create a fuller look. This technique can be used with both classic and volume lashes, as well as with fills or a full sets. I use this method on every client. Here is exactly what I do step by step. Once the eye-pads are placed I start by applying eyelash extension as per usual according to my training.

Once you have about 50-60% of the lashes extended I take a long piece of 3M medical tape (see photo) and pre-stick it a few times to the clients forehead ( so that I use there own cells and not mine, avoiding cross contamination) make sure the tape isn't too sticky, in order to make removal easier.

I then place the tape horizontally across the tips of the lash extensions you just placed and pull backwards towards the eyelid to reveal the lashes underneath. Make sure the tape is only attached to the sides of the eye. Leaving a bit of slack in the middle of the tape (See photo) there is no need to make the extensions touch skin. 

Taping back the tips of the extensions that have already been placed allows you to see those 2nd and 3rd layers of lashes. When using this method be careful to only tape back the very tips of the extensions. Taping too far down the lash will pull too hard on the lashes and force your clients eye to open, which could result in irritations. Not only that but you won't be able to see those new lashes underneath.

Taping back it makes isolation easier but also ensures that your being extra thorough throughout the entire appointment. You are now able to see all the underneath lashes that were hard to find before. Proceed to lash as per usual on the new lash hairs seen. Try taping back different sections as you go, allowing you to get better access to those hard to reach natural lashes. Then very carefully release the taped back lashes slowly, if needed you can use your curved tweezers to remove the lashes from the tape to ensure none are ripped out by accident. (See photo) Now brush the lashes and feel free to repeat if necessary. Normally I lash the top layer, tape back, lash the bottom layer, remove tape and lash some more until fullness is achieved .

You will find this technique great, especially for those clients with straight lashes that love to hug those eye-pads. This allows them to be lifted up, so no more glue sticking to the pads.

I hope you will love this technique as much as I do!

Thanks Jazmine Backous from Lashin Out, Calgary Alberta, Canada

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