Faux Mink Single Length : L & L+ Curl Eyelash Extensions


Product Description


Lash Stuff offers 16 ROWS of lashes, most other lash companies only offer 12

Premium Single Length Faux Mink L Curl Eyelash Extension Trays

  • For Professional Use Only
  • Approximately 4000 lashes per tray
  • Made of poly-fiber material (PBT), not real mink fur
  • Lash Stuff Mink lashes are more rigid in shape and slightly thicker throughout the lash
  • Lash Stuff Mink lashes are slightly glossy for a more dramatic look
  • Deep black in color
  • Shape of curl is similar to the letter “L”
  • Available Curl Type: L
  • Available Widths (listed from thinnest to thickest): .07, .10, .12 .15, .20
  • Available Length (listed shortest to longest): 7mm up to 14mm
  • Single/individual lashes best used for Classic lashes
  • Any of our adhesives will work great with these lashes

**Classic lashing is the process of applying a single eyelash extension to each natural eyelash.Careful judgement should be made by a properly trained lash artist as to how thick/heavy of an extension the clients’ natural eyelash can handle.


Try out our eyelash extension fan conversion calculator here. 

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