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Do you apply volume eyelash extension fans and wondered what the weight of the volume fan was? Try our volume fan conversion calculator. This conversion calculator will show you if your 3D volume fan is the equivalent weight of a classic .20 width eyelash extensions. Lash Stuff visited a biochemistry lab that had the ability to measure the weight of objects as small as an eyelash. We weighed each eyelash size and then compared the combined volume fan weight to classic eyelash extension widths.

Free Volume Eyelash Extension Fan Weight Calculator

It's easy to find eyelash extensions that are a perfect fit with our free volume eyelash extension fan weight calculator.

Why Does Eyelash Extension Weight Matter?

Many people may not even realize that applying extensions too thick or too heavy for the natural eyelash they are attached to can cause many problems.

When your lash extension is greater in diameter than your natural lash, the attachment area is smaller between the lash and extension. Due to the overhang, the lash extension can sometimes be weaker than the natural lash and can fall out prematurely.

Other problems that occur due to wearing the wrong size volume eyelash extension fan include:

  • Your lashes will hang in front of your eyes instead of giving you the lash curl you desire
  • May cause your natural lashes to break off or begin to grow downward
  • Your extensions will tangle continually and need extra grooming throughout the day
  • Causes damage to your natural lash hair follicle, hinders growth, and can even cause permanent lash loss

In short, it is essential to make sure you apply the correct size eyelash extensions to get the best result and avoid damage to the natural lashes. Luckily, Lash Stuff offers a free online tool to make calculating volume eyelash extension fan weight easier. Simply select the volume extension width and choose a type of volume fan to calculate equivalent classic eyelash extension width instantly.

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When applying eyelash extensions it is important to consider the amount of weight that is being put on the natural eyelashes. Too much weight on the natural eyelashes is not health and could damage the eyelashes. When applying volume eyelash extension fans it is especially important to know how much weight is being applied to the eyelashes. This calculator is a tool for Lash Stylists to get an idea of how much approximate weight is being put on the eyelashes when applying volume fans. Lash Stuff considers any eyelash extension widths over .20 to be too heavy for the natural eyelashes. This calculator shows a volume fans equivalent width up to the width of a .20 width eyelash extensions.


1. Choose the volume eyelash extension width

2. Select a type of volume fan

3. After your selection the equivalent classic width eyelash extension width will appear


Calculations were based on 12mm length eyelash extensions. The most common eyelash extension widths were weighed. These widths include: .03, .05, .08, .10, .12, .15, .18, .20. The maximum width measured was .20. Any calculations on this calculator that would be heavier than a .20 width eyelash extension will show as a zero (0). Eyelash extension weight varies depending on the type and brand of eyelash extensions used. For the purposes of this calculator the equivalents shown are based on using Lash Stuff Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions. Lash Stuff attempted to get the most accurate measurements possible for this calculator using professional weight scales. Even so, the equivalents shown should be considered approximate measurements.