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Why You Should Never Tint The Eyelashes While On The Lash Lift Rod

Posted by Gina on Jan 05, 2023

Tinting Eyelashes While On The Lash Lift Rod Will Result In a Poor Tint Job

The Lash lift and tint service is a popular service. Yes, we all love to save time, but at what cost? We want to make sure you have all the tools and information that will not only provide you with the most effective way to perform a lash tint service, but to also receive the best results for your customers.

Do Not Tint Eyelashes On The Lash Lift Rod

Never Tint Eyelashes While Attached to the Lash Lift Rod

When performing a lash lift you should never tint the eyelashes while still glued to the lash lift rod. There are some lash lift kits that promote that you can lift and tin the eyelashes at the same time but this will result is a bad tint job for your clients. There are a few things to think about when considering tinting on the lash rod.

When performing a lash lift and tint service you must perform the lift service first. Which means you must apply glue, step 1 and step 2. It is very hard to remove all 3 steps thoroughly with the rods on. If the rod is not removed prior to performing a tint service, there are a few things that can happen.

Eyelash Tint Will Not Last As Long On The Eyelashes

1.The tint cannot fully penetrate the lashes, which can hinder the overall results of the lashes taking the pigment creating inconsistent results and fading prematurely.

The Back Side Of The Eyelashes Will Not Get Tinted

2.It makes it so the back side of the lashes will not get tinted since they are glued down to the rod. You want your guest to get the most out of the service and if the tint is not lasting if it should then you may not be providing the best possible outcome to your guests.

Possible Reactions

3.Another thing to consider is chemical interaction that could occur. If by some chance not all step 1 or 2 is not removed, it could potentially cause a chemical reaction. You are not able to thoroughly clean the lashes or the rods while they are still attached to the lashes. No, it will not have a catastrophic chemical reaction. It could lead to mild irritation to your client or your rod breaking down and not getting as many uses out of them. 

Lift Rods Can Not Be Sanitized Correctly

4.The tint does stain the rod. Rods can be used over and over and if they are sanitized correctly can last a very long time. When you tint on them it does stain the rod. To some that may not be a big deal but think of the customers perception. Most lash artists set their stuff up prior to the guest coming into their room. The guest may see stained or what appears to be dirty rods that are going to be used on their eyes. A customer may have the perception that they were not cleaned or sanitized from the previous use. 

The above reasons are why we do not recommend tint. It all comes down to be able to provide a service with the best outcome and longevity. To have the best tint results we have provided you with the Lash Stuff recommended steps and timing. 

Woman After Lash Lift is Performed

Steps To Perform An Eyelash Tint Service

Step 1: Use a cleansing pad to clean the oil and residue off the eyelashes. Cleaning the eyelashes before applying the tint help the tint penetrate the lashes longer leaving a truer to tone color and longevity out of your lash tint service.

Step 2: Brush the eyelashes with the mascara brush so that the hairs are not tangled and are combed straight. This also allows a few seconds for the lashes to dry completely after using the cleansing pad on them.

Step 3: Apply eyelash shields under the eyelashes. Make sure that the lower lashes are on top of the eyelash shield. If any of the lashes get stuck below the eyelash shield, those lashes will not get tinted.

Step 4: Apply a very thing layer of petroleum jelly above the lash line. This will help the tint not stain the skin where you do not want it to.

Step 5: Squeeze a pea size amount of tint onto the dish. Next, squeeze a pea size amount of cream developer onto the same tint dish. Mix the tint and developer together with a tint brush. Mixing it correctly is crucial. Pay attention to the consistency of the product. It should be cream and not runny. If it is too runny, mix a little more pigment to the mixture. The tint needs to be a thick creamy consistency so that it does not run into the eyes or on to the skin where you do not want it to be. You want to immediately apply the tint to the lashes and allow it to oxide on the lashes.

Step 6: Take the eyelash tint eye guard and place it under the lower and upper eyelashes when applying the tint. The eye guard helps keep the tint off the skin and it also works as a tint board. It allows you to use a tint brush or flocked applicator against it with the lashes in between. This ensures an even and consistent tint application.

Step 7: The processing time for the lash tint is 10 minutes. It must be processed the entire time for the tint to fully penetrate the lashes. You may alter the time if more pigment is needing to be deposited. We recommend using your professional judgement when it comes to altering the time as needed for you client and the best results. The longer you leave it on the darker the tint will end up, the less time the lighter your results will be.

Hot Tip: Take this time to provide you guest a relaxing atmosphere to meditate or provide a scalp massage or a hand or foot massage for added value to their service.

Step 8: Use a flocked applicator and remove any tint from the skin immediately to ensure it does not penetrate onto the skin in an undesirable place.

Step 9: Remove the tint in a downward motion with cleansing pads. You may need to do this step a few times to ensure all the residue is removed.

Perform An Eyelash Service The Correct Way

When you perform a Lash Tint on the rod it will limit to only tinting to the front of the lashes. The back side of the lashes could be missed and may not penetrate as it should. There could be a barrier on the lashes from the adhesive that could limit how the tint penetrates into the lashes, which will lead tint not taking predictably or the tint fading faster than it should. Saving a few extra minutes is not always in the best interest of your client or your overall business. Set yourself apart from others performing services to their full potential.