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The 10 Best Eyelash Extension Supplies of 2021

Posted by Jess on Jan 29, 2021

Check out these eyelash extension supplies that will speed up your eyelash extension service.

This is the year that we hope that everything turns around. 2020 was so crazy for everyone to say the least. One of the hardest parts of 2020 was if you are in a career field that requires you to be in close contact with other people. With Covid restrictions in place in most states, professionals working in salons have had to come up with new ways to perform their services while still staying safe. Cosmetologists and estheticians that work in salons and apply eyelash extensions have had some of the hardest times. Lash Stylists are learning how to work and apply eyelash extension supplies differently with everything that is going on. This is why it is more important than ever to have the best eyelash extension supplies on hand. We have put together a list of the ten best eyelash extension supplies in 2021 to help professionals perform eyelash extension services and still make a living do it. These eyelash extension supplies are in no particular order but will help you become a better Lash Stylist.

1.Pre-made Eyelash Extension Fans

Eyelash extension usually come in a tray with in a strip of eyelashes consisting of single eyelash extensions. The Lash Stylist will pick up each individual eyelash extension and then apply the single eyelash extension to a single eyelash. Sometimes a Lash Stylist will combine two or more eyelash extensions to create an eyelash extension fan. This technique in the eyelash extension community is called volume eyelash extensions. When a Lash Stylist applies Volume Eyelash Extensions it creates in the eyelashes a fuller more glamorous look that is very appealing and noticeable. Volume eyelash extensions are great and they look fabulous but the biggest drawback for Lash Stylists is that it takes a really long time for Lash Stylists to create and apply Volume Eyelash Extensions. One way to cut down on the amount of time it takes to apply Volume Eyelash Extensions is to buy Pre-Made Eyelash Extensions Fans. Pre-Made Eyelash Extension Fans are single eyelash extensions attached together to make an eyelash extension fan. To apply these Pre-Made Eyelash Extension Fans just pick up the fan just like you would a normal volume eyelash extension fan and then apply the fan to the natural eyelash. Using Pre-Made Eyelash Extension Fans will cut the volume application time down by half. This will make your clients much happier because they do not need to lie on the bed as long and the Lash Stylist will be able to perform the service quicker.

Pre-made eyelash extension fans

2.Flat Lash Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are round all the way around the lash. So when a lash stylist is applying normal eyelash extensions they are applying a round cylinder object to a another round cylinder object. As you can imaging due to both objects being round this is not easy to do. Flat Lash Ellipse Eyelash Extensions are flat or more precisely they have a small round divot in the base the eyelash extension. This round divot makes it easier to apply eyelash extensions by placing the round natural eyelash in the round divot in the Flat Lash Ellipse Eyelash Extension. It’s kind of like placing two puzzle pieces together. Because the two eyelashes fit together like an interlocking piece the Lash Stylist can apply the eyelash extension faster and the eyelash extension will stay on the natural eyelash longer increasing retention. Increased retention makes for happier clients.

Flat Ellipse Eyelash Extension Fans

3.Mink Perfect Volume Eyelash Extensions

We have already covered how applying volume eyelash extensions is a long and tedious task. Well here is another eyelash extension supply that will help Lash Stylists apply Volume Eyelash Extensions faster. Mink Perfect Volume Eyelash Extensions are kind of like a Pre-Made Volume Eyelash Extension fan but instead of coming in a pre-made fan these volume eyelash extensions come in a strip of multi length eyelash extensions ready to be picked up and made into a fan. The Lash Stylist just need to use a tweezer and pick up a small group of eyelash extensions and create a fan with them. Because there are multiple lengths the volume fan will look full and feathery. This process will help the Lash Stylist apply volume eyelash extension faster.

Mink Perfect Eyelash Extensions

4.Disposable Eyelash Extension Adhesive Stickers

Lash Stylists spend a lot of time applying eyelash extensions but what regular people do not know if Lash Stylists spend a lot of time cleaning up after applying eyelash extensions. As part of the eyelash extension application process a Lash Stylist will drop small amounts of eyelash extension adhesive on a crystal or a jade stone. When an Lash Stylist is done applying eyelash extensions they need to clean the drops of glue off the surface. Cleaning these surfaces can be hard to do and take time. One way to make cleaning these surfaces easier is to use a Disposable Eyelash Extension Adhesive Sticker. To use the Disposable Eyelash Extension Adhesive Sticker just peel the back of the stick off and stick it to the surface that you are using to apply eyelash extension glue to. When the you are done applying eyelash extensions just peel the sticker off and throw it away. It is that simple!

Eyelash Extension Adhesive Stickers

5.Lash Wrap

When Lash Stylists are applying eyelash extensions every second counts so simple movements repeated over and over again can add up to a lot of time over the course of applying eyelash extensions. One of these motions that Lash Stylists repeat a lot is reaching down to get eyelash extensions off of a lash tile or similar object. The Lash Wrap helps eliminate this motion being repeated over and over again. When a Lash Stylist wears the Lash Wrap they place the Lash Wrap on their wrist and then place the eyelash extension strip on their wrist. Now all the Lash Stylist needs to do is pick the eyelash extensions off the wrist which is much easier and quicker. This helps speed up the time it takes to apply eyelash extensions and make the Lash Stylist’s job easier.

Eyelash Extension Lash Wrap

6.Magnetic Strip Eyelashes

I know, I know, Magnetic Eyelashes are not eyelash extension supplies. But, if you live in a location like California that is shut down because of Covid you can still make some money by offering your clients Magnetic Strip Eyelashes. Magnetic strip eyelashes work by applying a special eyeliner on above the lash line then taking a strip of 100% silk false eyelashes that have micro magnets on them and placing the Magnetic eyelash on the lash line. Some of your eyelash extension clients might not have had eyelash extensions applied for a very long time. Contact your clients and offer them Magnetic Strip Eyelashes until you can get them another appointment. They are comfortable and you can wear them all day!

Magnetic strip eyelashes

7.Glitter Hot Pink Mascara Wands

When your clients come back for the first time after you have been shut down for months you need to find a way to welcome them back and make them see what they have been missing. These Glitter Hot Pink Mascara Wands make a great little gift to your clients after their eyelash extension service that they can take with them and they look super pretty! These glitter wands are also available in teals and purple.

Hot Pink Eyelash Extension Wands

8.Blue Sapphire Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Lash Stylists number one eyelash extension supply that can make or break them is their eyelash extension adhesive. An eyelash extension adhesive needs to have good retention, dry fast, and be easy to work with. The Blue Sapphire Eyelash Extension Adhesive has all three. This adhesive is one the fastest drying adhesives on the market and it is easy to work with. Lash Stylists need anything they can get to speed up their service time and this adhesive is a great way to up your game. It is also great for volume eyelash extensions.

Blue Sapphire Eyelash Extension Adhesive

9.Eyelash Extension Adhesive Rings

Eyelash extension adhesive rings are another eyelash extension supply that helps bring your tools closer to you. Normally a Lash Stylist places eyelash extension adhesive on a table next to them as they are applying eyelash extension adhesive. With the Eyelash Extension Adhesive Rings, the Lash Stylist can place the adhesive in the ring and now just dip the eyelash extension into the ring which saves them time.

10.Lash Lift Kit and Free Training

Again, a Lash Lift kit is not an eyelash extension supply but if your state is shut down do to Covid you can make the best of the time you have by learning a new service. Lash Stuff offers the 1# Lash Lift System and also offers free training. Lash Stuff’s Lash Lift Training is held online so you can learn a new service while in the safety of your own home. And when your area opens up you will have a new skill that will make you more money!

lash lift kit