How to Get and Keep Clients

How to Get Eyelash Extension Clients and Keep Them

Follow These Sale Tips to Get More Eyelash Extension Clients

1. Do a Few New Clients for Free
Give 2 to 5 people a free new full set of eyelash extensions. Select people that have contacts with other potential clients. These people will talk you up to other people and they will hopefully keep coming back for fills which you will charge for. Make sure to let the person know that they will need to pay for the fills. 
2. Charge a Sale Price for New Sets that is the Same Price or Lower than Your Fill Price
Companies have been using this pricing strategy forever. Think computer printers. You get a printer for cheap then you keep coming back to buy ink cartridges. Don’t think of the money lost in a onetime sale. Think of gaining a new client that will keep coming back for more. Make sure you call it a “Sale” or your clients won’t want to pay more later. 
3. Provide a Peaceful, Clean, and Comfortable Atmosphere for the Client
Atmosphere is essential. I once had a client tell me that she quit going to a lash artist because the woman’s kids were hanging out in the same room and hovering over her. She said that if she is going to spend that much money to get her lashes done she doesn’t want to be uncomfortable. It is best to have a quiet room where the client can relax while they get their lashes done. I play relaxing music and I have a massage table with an extra pad on it for comfort. The room needs to be clean and needs to smell good. It is also a good Idea to provide a CLEAN bathroom if you can. Also, use gum or breathe mints and have some sitting out in a bowl just in case they want some. 
4. Have a Competitive Price
This may seem obvious but many people charge almost double what I do for a new set. People may splurge once for extensions but you want them coming back. Fills need to be priced so that people will be able to justify spending the money every month. I charge about the same as it costs to get a set of nails done. I have had many clients tell me they gave up their nails to have eyelash extensions. They would not have done this unless my price was about the same as the nails. Research what people are charging in your area and try to be competitive. Don’t under charge though. You still need to make it worth it for yourself. 
5. Provide a Good Product
Not all eyelash extension jobs are the same. Eyelash extensions should look natural and the client should not be able to feel them AT ALL. I have had some clients tell me that their last eyelash extensions hurt. This should never happen. One bad extension job can put a person off from extensions for life. Don’t use cheap lashes like clusters or cheap glue. Quality Eyelash extension products can be purchased in my Lash Store I use only synthetic lashes because mink lashes are manually curled and with washing and handling they lose their curl where synthetic lashes do not. There is no visual difference between synthetic and mink lashes. Practice for free on family members and friends. Practice, practice, practice. Get a mentor to help you or contact me if you have questions.
It is very important to instruct your clients on how to take care of their lashes. This one thing could be the thing that determines if a client turns into a regular client or gets really mad. I have provided Eyelash Extension Care Instructions for you to use. Make sure the client NEVER pulls off the extension. If the client wants to take off the extensions then they need to wait for their natural lashes to fall off which takes no more than 60 days, or they need to go to a lash artist and have them professionally taken off.  
6. Provide Good Service
This is just like any other business, you need to provide polite, cheerful, efficient service. If something happens that makes the client not happy with the service, offer a discount. Saving money makes everyone happy. It’s better to lose a little money now and keep the client coming back.
 I provide extra service for my regulars. If a regular client needs to reschedule or is going to be late for an appointment I try to be as flexible as possible. If a client refers someone to you give them a discount on their next fill. Send reminder texts the day before the appointment. Remind clients what they need to do before they come to an appointment i.e. no makeup, etc. Get an email address from the client and send them an email after the appointment describing how to care for their lashes. You want the client to love their lashes and feel like they got a good value for their money. Stroke the goose that lays the golden egg!
Now this being said don’t let clients walk on you. Set the clients expectations. If someone “no calls no shows” for an appointment, don’t make another appointment with them unless they had a very good reason. Establish your Business hours with clients. Don’t answer calls or texts after these hours. A client will call at midnight if you let them. Encourage clients to make a return appointment when they leave. This way they can get an appointment when they want too and they won’t be stuck with spotty lashes because you could not get them in. I rarely make same day appointments because I don’t want clients to get use to calling the same day they need a fill. Tell clients to call you at least a week before they think they will need a fill. 
7. Advertise
Word of mouth and referrals are by far the best source of new clients. If you provide a good service then you will have people calling you day and night for appointments. Once in awhile offer a discount to existing clients if they refer new clients to you. 
Placing your business on Google Places is a must. I get lots of my clients from here. You can also start a website. This is not hard at all. Yola will provide you with a free website and has an easy tutorial on how to create a good website. You can also start a free blog with blog spot. 
Have some business cards made up and give a couple of them to each client after their appointment is over. I provide a goody bag for new clients that includes a few Mascara brushes and a list of tips on how to keep their new lashes looking good. I also include my business cards in this bag. Place business cards in gyms or salons if they will let you. ALWAYS be the sales person. Have some Business cards with you that you can just hand out to people. 
8. Be Happy
Put on a smile and be happy with the client. Talk to your client and be positive. You are with the client for sometimes two hours. A client will not want to be with someone who is grumpy. If you don’t feel happy FAKE IT. 
9. Be Upfront and Honest with Clients
Often clients with thin or very small eyelashes will come to get eyelash extensions and expect to have super full lashes like they see in photos. I explain to clients that while their lashes will be ten times better than what they currently have they will not look like these photos they have seen. Do not make promises you cannot deliver on. Nothing will lose a client faster than if they think you cheated them. I had one client come to me after she had gotten a really bad eyelash extension job. She had pulled most of the extensions off. She came to me and expected me to put new extensions on and that they would look great. Many of her natural lashes had been pulled out so I had nothing to work with. I nicely told her that she would not be happy with the limited job that I would be able to do. She was grateful for my honesty. 
10. Look Your Best
You would not take fashion tips from a person dressed in sweat pants and grubby shoes. Dress up for your clients. Do your hair and makeup and look fashionable. Look the part and people will trust your advice and want to come back to you.  
11. Target Offices

Your work will speak volumes! Offer to do some free/discounted sets of lashes at places such as doctors offices or dentist offices. If you get one dental assistant or nurse hooked, you can be sure they will be telling their co-workers of the convenience of having eyelash extension.

12. Get Client Photos

As you build your business, you may need to offer lower/discounted prices to get a few people in the door but utilize these people by having them sign a photo release and use photos of your work in advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. Drop your business cards off at local gyms (especially those geared toward women).

13. Give a Gift

When you do a new full set on a new client, give them a little "gift" with a eyelash extension care card, a couple mascara wands and a few extra business cards for them to share with friends.


~Sara Phillips, Lash Stuff President