Student Eyelash Extensions Kits For Beauty Schools


Student Eyelash Extensions Kits

Lash Stuff offers student eyelash extension kits for esthtician schools, beauty schools, and cosmetolgy schools. Lash Stuff eyelash xtensions kits inclde everthing that is needed to teach students how to apply eyelash extensions. This eyelash extension kit even includes a manual and manaquin head if needed.


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Beauty School Eyelash Extensions Kit

Lash Stuff Eyelash xtension Kits are designed to be used in a beauty school training enviroment so that the student gets the most out of their traning.

The Benefits Of Lash Stuff Eyelash Extension Kits

Introducing our Eyelash Extension Kit, the ultimate solution for achieving stunning, voluminous lashes effortlessly. Designed with precision and care, our kit offers a wide range of benefits that will enhance your beauty routine and elevate your overall look. Here are some of the key advantages of our Eyelash Extension Kit:

  1. Enhanced Length and Volume: Say goodbye to sparse and thin lashes! Our kit includes high-quality synthetic eyelashes that are meticulously crafted to add length and volume to your natural lashes. The extensions blend seamlessly with your own lashes, creating a fuller and more glamorous appearance.

  2. Customizable Looks: With our Eyelash Extension Kit, you have the freedom to customize your lash style to suit your preferences. Whether you desire a natural, everyday look or a dramatic, eye-catching effect, our kit provides a variety of lash lengths, thicknesses, and curls to choose from. Experiment and discover the perfect style that complements your unique features.

  3. Long-lasting Results: Our lashes are designed to stay in place for an extended period, ensuring you enjoy long-lasting results. The high-quality adhesive included in the kit securely attaches the extensions to your natural lashes, allowing you to maintain your enhanced look for weeks without any worries of premature shedding.

  4. Time-saving Convenience: Tired of applying mascara every day or struggling with strip lashes? Our Eyelash Extension Kit saves you valuable time and effort. Once applied, the extensions eliminate the need for mascara, curlers, or any additional lash-enhancing products. Wake up to perfectly fluttery lashes every morning, effortlessly.

  5. Natural Look and Feel: Our lash extensions are crafted to resemble natural lashes, providing a seamless, undetectable finish. The lightweight fibers and flexible design ensure a comfortable wear, so you can enjoy your glamorous lashes without any discomfort or heaviness.

  6. Confidence Booster: Nothing boosts confidence like feeling beautiful. Our Eyelash Extension Kit enhances your natural beauty, giving you a newfound sense of confidence. Whether you're attending a special event, going on a date, or simply want to feel your best every day, our lash extensions will make your eyes the center of attention.

  7. Ideal for All Occasions: From casual outings to formal occasions, our Eyelash Extension Kit is suitable for every event. Whether you're heading to the office, a wedding, or a night out with friends, your lashes will always look flawless, making you feel effortlessly glamorous.

In conclusion, our Eyelash Extension Kit offers a wide range of benefits, including enhanced length and volume, customizable looks, long-lasting results, time-saving convenience, a natural look and feel, increased confidence, and versatility for any occasion. Invest in our kit today and experience the transformation of your lashes like never before.

Why Our Products?


We ensure no animals were used in the creation and testing of our product line.


Lash Stuff products are designed for esthticians and cosmetologists.

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Lash Stuff eyelash extensions were voted best eyelash extensions by Launchpad Maganzine for two years.

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All Beauty School orders of eyelash extension kits get free shipping in the USA ans ship the next business day.

4 Student Kits To Choose From

Lash Stuff Has Four Different Student Kits Availble

Lash Stuff offers for different types of student beauty kits that beauty schools can offer to their students for re-sell.

  • Student Eyelash Extension Kis
  • Student Lash Lift Kits
  • Student Brow Lamination Kits
  • Student Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Kits

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