False Strip Eyelashes

Eyelash Extension Supplies

Our False Lashes Are Made From Silk For Your Client’s Comfort

Offer your clients thicker, more impactful lashes that make them feel beautiful and perfectly fit their face shape and makeup style. Our excellent range of false lashes is made of silk and comfortable to wear all day or all night long. 

All strip eyelashes comes with lash super glue and an applicator. 

How long do fake eyelashes last?

You can wear fake eyelashes for up to 12 hours. Fake eyelashes can be reapplied up to 20 times.

What is needed to apply fake eyelashes?

To apply Fake Eyelashes you need tweezers, fake eyelash glue, a mirror, and your choice of fake eyelashes.

Can I apply fake eyelashes to my self?

Yes, you can apply fake eyelashes to yourself using a mirror. It is easier to apply fake eyelashes with someone else's help.

Can I trim the fake eyelashes?

Yes, if the fake eyelashes are too long for your eye you can use scissors to trim the fake eyelashes shorter.