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10 Simple Steps to Take Care of You

Posted by Gina on Apr 13, 2021

When you go shopping and you go to pick up a shirt that was just thrown on to the shelf with little to no effort for presentation or picking up a product off the shelf and it is all dusty. Would you be as inclined to purchase the product? I want you to think of yourself as that product. If you present and show up for your clients as a well energized and positive person, are your clients going to be excited to see you and want to purchase the service you are selling? Clients are less likely to purchase the service you are providing if you are not well presented yourself well. This is all about taking care of you!

1. If you make a decision; own it. I would bet to say that you thought hard about a decision you made, just move forward. Do not dwell on what should have happened or what could have happened. If you spend the time on focusing on a decision that has already happened, do not waste any more energy, stress or focus on something twice. You can not change the past. All you can do is learn from it and move forward. Even if you would have done something different, you cannot change it. This will help alleviate a little stress from your day to day lives.

Take care of your self by sleeping more

2.Not just sleep, but rested sleep. Sleep is #1 priority in your life. If a good solid sleep pattern does not take place, it can impact the rest of your awake hours. Shut your screens off. Let me say it again, shut your phone off, tv and tablets off. If you need noise, turn on something that is soothing to you. This could be music, white noise, or just something that will help calm your nerves and slow your brain down before you go to sleep. Create a routine, so it teaches your body that you are expecting it to rest. The more you create this consistent behavior, the more restful sleep you will get.

3.Hobbies. Do something you enjoy. Something that has no monetary gain for you. A lot in this industry are entrepreneurs. Our hobby may turn into a side hustle, but do not let it. This should be something that will help you decompress and separate from your business endeavors. Some may want to take dance lessons, hike or something outdoors. Maybe you like to do more with your hands such as paint, sew or crochet. My guilty pleasure is to curl up on the couch and engross myself in a good book. It does not really matter what it is, just do if for you at least once a week.

4.It is amazing how therapeutic it is to write a few things down at night before you go to bed. What are you grateful for that day? It could even be what upset you that day. When you write it down it releases it from your brain activity. This allows for your brain to calm down before you rest. Trust me, it shuts your brain off or slows it down at least.

5.Do not rush your skin care routine. Take every step slow and methodical. Be mindful of the process. This is a great way to slow down your morning and night rush. Just enjoy the process and breath. This could be a moment where you reflect on your day; what it will bring or what it brought.

6.Break bad habits. Create new and improved daily habits. Start with 10 min in a new routine and add more time as days go by. If someone recommends doing yoga for 10 minutes a day, could you find 10 min? Probably. Enjoy the 10 min of the added relaxation what ever that is. Maybe its 10 min of walking, meditation or yoga. 10 min is easy to find and it is a great way to start or end your day.

7.Be in the moment. This year you may not have had as much time with family and friends. Do not take for granted the time you do have. Soak in every moment you get. Its hard to look back and think you wish you would have had more time. It is not always about the quantity of time, but the quality of time. Put your phone down and engage with those around you.

8.Drink more water. Just drink more than you did yesterday. Yes, some may say drink 8 cups of water a day. If you do not even drink one, eight cups sure is not going to happen. Just have a goal and intention to drink more today than you did yesterday. Over time you will increase your water intake, which will help you appear more rested and provide more natural energy for you.

9.Limit your time with social media. Yes, this is how we stay in touch with people and how we build our business, but there must be time where we disconnect and be with the people we love, our animals, or just peace and quiet.

10.Just breath. When we have a stressful moment. Take a moment to just pause. Do what you can to remove yourself from the situation. Some may listen to a little upbeat music. Call a friend or someone who is a positive influence that can snap you back to reality.

All these things are great ways to keep you at the top of your game. You need to show up in a positive way for your guests. You do not want to be the wrinkled shirt thrown on the shelf or the dusty product that does not ever get dusted on the shelf. Show up for your guests; show up for you. 

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