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8 Must Haves In a Good Lash Lift Kit

Posted by Sara on Feb 05, 2021

These are the essentials for a good lash lift kit.

Lash lifts have become super popular in the last couple of years and lots of people are looking for a great lash lift kit. The problem is there are a lot of different types of lash lift kits out there. So how are you to know what you need in a lash lift kit and what to look for? No need to worry, we are the professionals and we are here to help you. Here are the eight most important items that you must have in a lash lift kit.

1. Individual Lash Lift Cream Packets

When it comes to a good lash lift kit individual cream packets are a must! Many lash lift kits come with two bottles of lift cream. A pink bottle with perming cream and a blue bottle with neutralizing cream. The problem with two bottles is that the moment lift cream is exposed to the air it starts to oxidize. When the lift cream oxidizes it loses its potency and strength. This will result in a less dramatic curl and eventually no curl at all. Many people have noticed that over time they have to leave lift cream from bottles on the eyelashes longer and longer to get a good curl. This is because the lift cream has oxidized and it is not strong anymore. So, in reality, when you use a lash lift kit with two bottles you are really purchasing a 1-2 application lash lift kit because that is all the applications the bottles will be good for. When you purchase a lash lift kit with individual lash lift creams the lift cream is fresh and new every time you open the packet for a new client. This ensures that every client will get a wonderful dramatic curl.

Individual Lash Lift Cream Packets

2. Different Size Lash Lift Rods

Most lash lift rods are one size fits all. Some lash lift kits will come with one size of lash lift rod that is awkwardly shaped and is hard and stiff. The problem with one size of lash lift rod is clients do not have just one size of eyelash length. Clients have many different lengths of eyelashes. When applying a lash lift, the natural eyelashes should go all the way across the rod. The tips of the eyelash can slightly go over the rod but it should not be over by much. If the eyelashes do not go all the way over the rod the eyelashes will only get a partial curl. If the eyelashes go too far over the rod then the eyelashes will have this weird partial curl. That is why it is important to have multiple lengths of eyelash lift rods. With multiple lengths of rods, you can first measure the length of the eyelashes against the rod to see what size of rod will be a perfect fit. Lash Lift rods should also be soft and comfortable not hard and stiff.

Best Lash Lift Rods

3. Multi Curl Lash Lift Rods

Standard lash lift rods will create just one type of curl. But, not all clients are the same and clients want different styles of eyelashes. What if you have a client with really straight eyelashes and wants just a slight curl? What if you have a client that wants a very dramatic curl that looks very glamorous? When you use a multi curl lash lift rod you can create multiple types of curls. The rods can create slightly curled eyelashes all the way to very dramatically curled eyelashes.

4. Multiple Types of Lash Lift Rod Glue

Professional estheticians and cosmetologists all apply the same services different ways. Some professionals work faster than others and some like to take their time to get it just right. That is why it is important to have different types of lash lift glue. The main difference between lash lift glues is how long it will take for the eyelashes to stick to the lash lift rods. A good lash lift kit will come with at least two different types of lash lift rod glue. One lash lift rods glue that dries slower so that the lashes can be placed in the proper place before the glue dries. It will also come with a faster drying lash lift rod glue that will allow professionals who like to work faster attach the eyelashes on the rod fast so that they can go to the next rod.

Best Lash Lift Rod Glue

5. Lots of Disposable Applicators

Applying a lash lift requires being around the eyes which means that it is really important to have good sanitation practices. One of the best ways to insure good sanitation is the practice of using disposable applicators. These disposable applicators should include a minimum of lash rod applicators and separate cream applicators. Every time you use an applicator and put it down you should get a new applicator. Some lash lift kits will only include a few applicators and this does not promote clean sanitary habits. A lash lift kit should come with many disposable applicators so that a new applicator can be used whenever it is needed.

6. Moist Cleansing Pads

Moist cleansing pads are needed when applying a lash lift for a couple reasons. One, to clean any oils or make-up off the eyelashes and skin before the procedure starts. This helps the eyelashes stick to the lash lift rods and helps the lash lift cream properly curl the eyelashes. Two, moist cleaning pads are need to properly clean off the lash lift creams on the eyelashes. A moist cleansing pad will help ensure that all the lash lift cream is removed from the eyelashes. A moist cotton ball is not recommended because the moister from the cotton ball might get into the eyes of the client.

Lash Lift Cleansing Pads

7. Eyelash Conditioner

A lash lift is basically perming the eyelashes. This process can draw out the moister from the eyelashes. To help put moister and needed vitamins back in to the eyelashes a third step eyelash conditioner is needed to moisturize the eyelashes.

Lash Lift Conditioner

8. Gentle Lash Lift Cream

Getting a lash lift should be an enjoyable experience for the client. If the client is feeling any discomfort or stinging around the eyes there is a problem. Also, if the processing time of the lash lift cream is too fast there is more of a chance of over processing the eyelashes. When you use a gentle lash lift cream the client will feel no stinging or discomfort. Also, if the cream is accidentally left on the eyelashes for a minute or two longer than what is recommended then you do not need to worry about over processing the eyelashes. Give your clients the most comfortable lash lift possible.

There are many different types of lash lift kits on the market. Remember that all lash lift kits are not made the same. These are the must haves of a good lash lift kit so that your clients can get the best lash lift possible.