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Beauty Service Aftercare

Posted by Gina on Apr 26, 2022

After Care for any service is one of the most important steps, but unfortunately probably the most missed part of the service. We either get in a hurry, check our clients out and then it is an after thought after our clients leave. Maybe its fear of not wanting to offer your guest products because of the cost and feel bad having to spend even more money. When you buy a car, do you expect it to have wheels. Your wheels are the product and education you are offering to your customers. If the car you bought doesn’t have wheels, will you get very far? It doesn’t matter how amazing the car is the wheels are crucial to the functionality of the car. This is the same for after care when receiving a service. You could provide an amazing service and experience, but if you don’t educate your guest with the knowledge and tools to take care of it at home, then you are missing the wheels of your service.

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Offering after care to customers benefits your business too. It creates retention of your clientele. If they have better long-term results from your service, you will retain your guests longer. Your guests know what to expect from you and your results and they will not want to go to anyone else for any reason. It can double your revenue by selling retail to your customer. This will drive the bottom line of your business. Here are some basic steps to ensure you are able to offer after care to your clients with confidence.

Step 1: Speak about the importance of after care during the service. You have typically at least an hour or two of their undivided attention. It is fun to discuss what is going on with them and with you, but you should fill some of the time with their follow up care every single time they come in with their service. You may catch something they are doing that is impacting their long-term results. For instance, you client may come in with clean lashes, so you don’t realize they wear black water-proof eyeliner every single day. They may need to use a different eyeliner or if she doesn’t want to change eyeliner help them create a plan to cleanse them, so the eyeliner comes off with out disrupting the eyelashes. Some details may be left out during a consultation and during discussion more information comes out.

Step 2: Create a display that is in the eyesight of the customer during the service or where you are checking them out. You can have single items that you sell for refill situations. Offering various kits for their aftercare will help them and you pick the best one that fits their routine. For the example of lash extension, if you know they wear makeup they may need a liner, lash shampoo, brush, spoolie and lash serum. Take your guest to the same place every time you completed the service to discuss their follow up care. Show them what you recommend and why. If you don’t offer the education and product to your guests, they will seek it out online and buy their products elsewhere. You want to ensure they get the education and products from you.

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Step 2: Create a routine you do with every single guest, so you do not forget to make that last connection and offer the follow up care. I like to make after care cards for my guests. I will walk them to the checkout station. Hand them the card and continue the conversation of their aftercare. What products do they have? What products are they out of? What products do they want to try? Have kits created for their various needs and always offer the kit that would be the best fit for them. If you have discussed prior to the checkout which retail package is for them then this conversation is easy. Creating scripts ensures that you stumble less when you first start this behavior. Think of providing two products recommendation per service. Even if they come in every 3 to 4 week this conversation should still take place. Lash Shampoo and brush may need to be purchased with every appointment or at the very least every other service.

If you are providing a Lash Extension Service and you are not providing after care instructions and the tools, you are not providing the full experience to your customer. If you are not educating the guest how to wash their lashes and why they should wash them could hurt your business. Your customers lashes may not have the retention they would have if they were kept cleaned. This could appear as if you are doing something wrong during the services since the lashes are not staying on. The client may look elsewhere to find someone who can provide a better retention. It may have nothing to do with the service itself, it is the after care that is not being done. Let’s say you do a lash lift and tint and you do not educate what their aftercare may look like, and they don’t get the long term results it could appear as if you did something wrong.

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Educating your clients are the proper after care and providing them the tools to execute it provides an all-around better experience for you guests. The better experience and the better results you provide your guests will set you apart from other that may provide the same service. Be your authentic self-providing information that will elevate the experience that they won’t get elsewhere drives your retention. Client retention is the key the building a healthy and predictable paycheck and business for you. The more you practice this behavior the easier it will get, and it will become second nature. Your clients want to know the follow up care. Don’t assume they know because you educated them once at their first appointment. People need reminders. If you are always talking about it, they will learn and understand the importance of it.