Brow Lamination Kit

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Product Description

Professional Brow Lamination Kit

Introducing the Lash Stuff Brow Lamination Kit. The Lash Stuff Brow Lamination Kit is specially designed to be used on the eyebrows.  This is not just a Lash Lift Kit that is being used on the eyebrows.  This kit was designed, tested, and approved to be on the eyebrows.  

Make eyebrows appear fuller, straighter, and more dramatic. 


Don‘t use a Lash Lift Kit on the eyebrows.  Lash Lift Kits are designed to be used on eyelashes and often leave the skin around the eyebrows red and irritated.  Also a Lash Lift kit has a high chance of over processing the eyebrows.

Does your client have unruly hard to manage eyebrows?  The brow lamination is perfect for people with hard to manage eyebrows. Perm the eyebrows to look perfect every day. 

Easy To Use

The Lash Stuff Brow Lamination System is an easy to use system that produces amazing results! This brow lamination system is a 4 step process that has simple steps that straightens eyebrows and fixes them in place. 

No Redness or Irritation

Because Lash Stuff’s Brow Lamination System was designed specifically for the eyebrows, clients will experience no redness or irritation that is commonly experienced with other brow lamination products. Give your clients the best experience possible. 

Use a Real Brow Lamination Kit

The Lash Stuff Brow Lamination Kit has been designed to be used on the eyebrows not the eyelashes.  Because this brow lamination product has been specially designed for eyebrows there will be less chance of redness around the eyebrows and a less chance of over processing the eyebrows. 

Finally Get Perfect Eyebrows  

Get the eyebrows you have always wanted.  Mold unruly eyebrows to be perfectly straight, full, and lushes looking. If you have thin eyebrows help the eyebrows appear fuller with one application. 

For Women and Men

A Brow Lamination is not just for women but it is perfect for men with curly and unruly eyebrows.  Train the eyebrows to look groomed and trimmed all the time. 

20 Application Kit

The Lash Stuff Brow Lamination Kit comes with everything you need to apply 20 applications. Don’t worry about not having something you need to apply a brow lamination.  The Brow lamination Kit comes with more than enough product for 20 applications. 


Best Brow Lamination Kit



STEP 1: Style and bond the eyebrows in place where you want them.

STEP 2: Apply the Lifting Lotion to straighten the eyebrows.

STEP 3: Wipe off the Lifting Lotion and apply the Fixing Lotion to fix the eyebrows in place.

STEP 4: Wipe off the Fixing Lotion and apply the Eyebrow Serum to nourish the eyebrows after the process is done. 



Lash Stuff will be offering a free online brow lamination certification for professional starting in August 2021. Purchase your kit now and you will get notified when the Brow Lamination training is live. 



The Lash Stuff Brow Lamination Kit comes with all the product and tools that are needed to apply 20 brow laminations.  There is nothing else that you need. 

Brow Lamination Kit Contents:

1 Bonding Gel 10ml

1 Lifitng Lotion 17ml

1 Fixing Lotion 17ml

1 Brow Serum 17ml

1 Mixing Dish

50 Mini Sticks

50 Flocked Applicators

50 Mascara Brushes

1 Cleansing Pads 80ct

1 Product Guide Booklet

1 Table Tent

50 Y Brush Brow Lifting Tools

1 Scissors

1 Isolation Tool

1 Eyebrow Tweezer

1 Petroleum Jelly

50 Disposable Mini Brushes



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