Clear Eyelash Extension Sealer


Product Description

Longer Extension Coating (Clear Sealer)

  • Size: 10ml
  • Cures adhesive so that eyelash extensions can get wet sooner
  • Seals eyelash extensions after they are applied
  • Helps extended the life of lash extensions
  • Forms a barrier over the lash extension which can last up to a week
  • Should be applied by a trained professional not by the client
  • Use a micro applicator or simular applicator to apply a very thin layer to the lash

Cure Eyelash Extension Adhesive Quicker!

Lash Stuff eyelash extension adhesives, like most in the industry, contain CyanoAcrylates which do not "dry" instead they "cure". Eyelash extension adhesive naturally cures in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the humidity in the air where you live, using the moisture in the air and most clients don't have a problem with this. Once the adhesive has fully cured it is considered an inert plastic. You can speed up the curing stage by adding a catalyst such as sealer. Be sure to do this after you have checked your work and separated any lashes. Your client can then wash their lashes in 2 to 4 hours! To apply the sealer, You only need a small coat at the base of the eyelash extension where the adhesive is bonding to the natural lash. 


Eyelash Extension Sealer MSDS Download Link 


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