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Different Types of Eyelash Extension Curls

Posted by Kenna on Apr 27, 2021

Learn About the Different Typed of Eyelash Extension Curls

There are so many different things to consider when it comes to deciding and choosing which is the right eyelash extensions for each client. Each client’s natural lashes are going to be one of the ultimate factors in this decision. Each client’s natural lashes will determine how long, how thick, how big of a fan can be used when doing a volume set and even what curl is going to be the best to use. 

Overall a licensed professional lash artist will make a decision using their professional judgment on what each person’s natural lashes can handle and what will be the best choice for each individual person. This is a very important step in the eyelash extension process. This is how we as lash artists keep those natural lashes healthy and in good shape.

There are several different curl types that are offered for eyelash extensions. This is one of the more fun parts when getting to applying and create a set of eyelash extensions. There are many different curls that the artist can choose from. Here is a simple list of the different curls that are available starting with the least curly lash and going to the most curled lash. J curl, B curl, C curl, CC curl, D curl, L curl, and L+ curl. 

The most commonly known and used curls are going to be C curl, CC curl, D curl or L curl. Each of these curls is unique in its own way and each of these curls is needed and used for many different reasons and techniques. You can even mix and match the curls and use more then one curl in a set of lashes. It’s all about what look you’re trying to accomplish and what your client wants the end results to be.

Eyelash Extension Curls

List of Eyelash Extension Curls

J Curl: Is the most natural curl offered. Meaning the curl of the lash is not very curly, it is flatter and straighter. This curl is not used very often, most clients prefer a little more lift or curl with their extensions. This curl type would be best used to elongate the lashes but not provide much of a curl or if the natural lashes are straight or point downward. The J curl will give you a very conservative, natural look.

B Curl: Is a simple, basic curl that gives more of a lift while still being fairly natural. This curl is best used when a client is looking for a little more lift or curl but still wanting to stay with a more natural looking set. These lashes are best used for a client with natural lashes that are pointing upwards, it will open up their eyes and gift them that lift.

C Curl: Is one of the most popular curl types. It is commonly used because it creates an open eye effect without being too drastic. Most peoples natural lash curl is similar to a C curl.

CC Curl: Looks a lot like the letter “C”. It is one of the most often used curls especially used during volume sets. This curl creates an open eye look. The CC curl is going to be similar to a C curl except it is going to give a bit more curl and drama to the look.

D Curl: Is going to be another popular curl choice for lash artists. The D curl is the most curled and dramatic eyelash extension available. This curl is going to give the most lift and curl. It will give clients the most dramatic effect.

L Curl: Looks just like the letter “L” with a flat base that goes into a sharp turn upward. This curl can provide a lift from the lash line. This curl is good to use on clients who may have straighter lashes that point downward or someone who has a hooded lid. This curl can give those clients more of a lift from the lash line creating a more dramatic look for them.

L+ Curl: This curl is similar to the L curl with the same flat base except for coming up straight it comes up into a sharp upward curl. This curl type would be best used on someone who’s lashes are pointing downward or on a client that is looking for more of a lift while also giving them the curl they want.

The L and L+ curls are mostly the same but there is a slight different in the two. The only difference between the L and L+ curl is that the L curl comes up into a straight angle, looking more like the letter “L” itself. vs the L+ curl comes up in a straight angel as well except it will also have a bit of a curl to it.

They don’t call you a lash artist for no reason. With all the different types of lashes that are available to choose from it can seem to be overwhelming at times when it comes to choosing the best options that are going to enhance your clients features best. Sometimes as an eyelash extension artist you need to dig a bit deeper and use your knowledge and experience to best select the lashes that you believe will be the best for a certain client. 

As a lash artist it is import to know your product and be well educated in all things that you offer so you can best educate your clients and give them the best look that will suit them and overall giving them a look that they will love. When it comes to choosing a good curl for each client artists will typically choose a curl that correlates with the look the client is wanting as well as their eye shape or the way a clients lashes grow, or even how thick or thin a client’s lashes are. These are very important things for an eyelash artist to look at and consider when they’re deciding which type of lashes are going to best suit each person.

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