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Don't be Afraid of Selling Salon Retail Products

Posted by Gina on Feb 23, 2021

Shine acronym for selling retail products

Increase Your Salon Sales by Selling Retail Products

Do you want to earn more without working more? Some may want to increase their revenue, but can’t add more hours to their already long work day. Providing retail products for your guests is a great way in increasing your revenue and increasing the guest experience. All you have to do is remember to SHINE. Shine bright with pride, confidence and consistency. It will help you overcome the fear of selling products to your guests.

Some may say it is not worth the time, but I am here to tell you it is. If you forget you are selling the product and potentially making money off of it, would it be a little easier to recommend? Focus on creating that mind shift. Don’t think about the money or shopping from the customer's wallet. You do not know what it is worth to them. You don’t know what they have or don’t have. I am here to tell you that proving a solution to a customer is priceless. I promise!

The S all about sharing your knowledge. This starts with gaining knowledge about the products you will have in your salon. Do your research. Reach out to your local supply and see what additional product knowledge pamphlets or a rep that could provide you more training too. You do not have to know every detail about the product. Knowing the basic key benefits for each product is enough. If you are one that likes to know the ingredients and why it works, that's great. More knowledge can only benefit you. I am simply saying this is not a necessity to be able to educate a guest about a product that will benefit them. When you do have the knowledge around a product you can share it with your guest and how the product will benefit the client.

The H is for help. Help your clients, that is why they come to you. They need your help to educate them on what will solve their problems. It doesn’t matter what services you provide, it can be hair, nails, skin, lashes and many more. The best way to find out what your guest needs is to ask questions. If you don’t ask the questions; you can’t provide the answers. I wish I could give you a specific breakdown of questions that can assist you, but it truly needs to be organic. This is really about the art of questioning. An open ended question gives you more information and the close ended question, will give you a yes or no answer. Both are useful and for different things. Great things that can help you are questions about lifestyle, climate, challenges they are having..

The I is for Interlace. Interlace your services with the products that will support the service There are always products that can be interlaced with your service to maintain or prolong the treatment you just provided. If they get a service from you and there is a product that can make that investment last longer. SOLD. Your guests come to you because you are the expert. Be the expert that recommends that amazing service and PRODUCTS that will benefit them. 

Make money for retailing salon retail products.

The N is for Narrating. Have success stories to share with the guest. It needs to start with you and your own success. Use the products at home and become passionate about what you are trying to recommend to them. If you do not have your own success story to tell about the product you may need to find a different product you can love and share the love with your customers. Ask customers after they have used the products what they loved about them. Ask them to leave reviews about the products they are using. When you post pictures about the fabulous service you just did. Include the products that were used on them to help achieve the look. Rave about what products you are most proud of. When your customers see the story about the products you shared on social media, they will come in and ask you about it.

The E is for the Experience recommending products the guest provides. Do you feel you provide a full service experience This includes recommending products that they can take home and maintain or increase the value of a service. If you went in and got a facial once a month and used a bar of soap at home to wash your face, what did that facial do for you? Hm, probably nothing. If you got your lashes done and you didn’t get a lash shampoo or lash brush, are those lashes going to be clean. Makes you think a little right? It does give an added value to the experience to recommend products that will increase the experience your customers receive.

It is all about your mindset and overcoming the fear of recommending products. Did you notice I never once said sell something to your guest? Don’t have the mindset you are selling anything. It is all about recommendation. If you have guests that walk out without product. Be consistent and recommend every single visit. Do not worry about getting paid for the product; change your mindset. Simply, provide them with a solution to what will help them from the questions you ask. If you follow all of the recommended steps, you will SHINE!

Info Graphic on how to sell products to salon clients

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