Extra Nozzles for Black Diamond Adhesive (5ct)


Product Description

Extra Nozzles for the Black Diamond Adhesive

5 count


The Black Diamond adhesive is a very fast drying adhesive and with that comes the need to add a few extra adjustments in caring for your bottle.

If you are having trouble with the nozzle getting stuck to the lid of your adhesive, it is likely that there is still adhesive stuck in the tip of the nozzle when you are replacing the lid after use; this happens when the excess air within the bottle hasn't been released out.

This tip can help prevent the nozzle clogging up:

After dispensing adhesive, set your bottle down (in an upright position) allowing the bottle to "burp" itself, releasing any excess air from the bottle. You may need to tap the bottle once or twice but you should see the excess adhesive that may be stuck in the nozzle release back into the bottle. After you "burp" the bottle, look down the nozzle and be sure the nozzle is clear before replacing the lid, this will ensure that the lid and nozzle cannot adhere together; wipe the tip of the nozzle with a wax paper or anything that is lint free and replace your cap.

Now if you are still having issues with your adhesive nozzle clogging up, these Extra Nozzles can come in handy.  Simply remove the clogged nozzle and replace it!

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