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How to Apply Volume Eyelash Extension Fans

Posted by Lash Stuff on Feb 14, 2017

Applying Eyelash Extensions by Lash Stuff

Preparing and Applying Beautiful Eyelash Extension Fans

Volume eyelash extension fans have the potential to look highly glamourous and highly natural all at the same time. Achieving this ideal outcome requires technical skill and precision as well as the right tools. Before you begin, bring together these necessary items:

  • Lash fans designed to achieve volume, in your desired lengths and color
  • Two pairs of volume tweezers
  • Eyelash adhesive
  • Two undereye pads
  • Your preferred eyelash glue pallet or preparation surface
  • Prepare a clean work surface and arrange your tools in easy reach; sorting volume eyelash extension fans into groups according to length will help with planning the optimal placement on your client. Professional lash technicians often use five different lengths to achieve a very natural appearance; these are arranged in segments from the eye’s outer edge to the inner. Grouping fans on their packaging strips according to length helps technicians keep track of the supplies required for each portion of the client’s eyelids.

    Preparing Lash Fans

    Volume lashes come packaged in long strips that allow just a few lashes to be removed at a time. The lashes are lined up on lightly adhesive strips to facilitate easy handling. Aim to remove three to five lashes from the strip to make your fan; any more than about six strands may result in clumpy or unnatural-looking volume eyelash extension fans.

    Using a pair of the volume tweezers, lift a small collection of lashes off the strip and place it on an empty portion of the same strip (or a different strip if no room is available). Use the very tips of the volume tweezers to gently squeeze the fan near the base; when done correctly, this will allow the individual strands of the fan to open easily. When done with even pressure, the space between the strands will be more or less even. This evenness is essential for achieving the full, fluffy, picture-perfect look desired. The very tips of the tweezers can be used to improve the evenness between the strands if necessary.

    Aim to create a reasonably symmetrical spread with the fan’s strands. This will help prevent a clumpy or uneven appearance on the client’s face. Poor fan preparation is a sure indication that additional work is required. With practice, technicians can become faster at this preparation stage.

    Once you have prepared a fan, use the tweezers to touch the very tip of the fan base into a drop of adhesive. Next, place the fan onto the eyelash glue pallet or other clean preparation surface; a smooth glass or ceramic dish works well for this. Repeat these steps until you have prepared many volume eyelash extension fans, while taking care not to let the eyelash adhesive dry fully.

    Applying the Lash Fans

    Once the client is ready, apply the undereye pads. This will create contrast to help the you find the optimal fan placement and will catch any fans you drop accidentally. The client will lean back in a salon chair to allow the you to look down over the top of the client’s head.

    Place the glue pallet close at hand. Use one pair of tweezers to pick up the prepared fan and the other to fluff apart the client’s current eyelashes. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, apply fans evenly across the eyelash line. Adhere fans to the client’s natural eyelashes, not to the eyelid tissue. As you place the fans, lightly fluff the extension to check its appearance.

    Refining Technique

    Practice is an essential part of creating and applying beautiful volume eyelash extension fans. Try different products and fan-making techniques to identify the optimum technique.