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Removing Lashes From Eye Pads

Posted by Krasozova Liliia Konstantinovna on Aug 26, 2016

What to do when extended lashes stick to the eye-pads? How to avoid it?

I often see on lash maker’s  forums the question: “What to do when extended lashes stick to the eye-pads? How to avoid it?”

Soft eye-pads are very comfortable for the client. They do not hurt their tender skin of eyelids but at the same moment give us much troubles, if extended lashes (mostly of the bottom row) stick to the eye-pad. The problem is – the surface of eye-pad usually is stretched when we try to unstick lashes and we have to spend much time removing it from eye-pad. To avoid this challenge we offer to use medical tape covering soft eye-pads, because in this way sticked lashes can be easily remove from the tape due to dense surface.

First we should place eye-pads desirably 2-3 mm from eyes. We need to cover bottom lashes, but not full-length. Then we take about 3 cm of medical tape and place it covering bottom lashes from the inner corner of eye to the middle. Another 3 cm of medical tape we place from the middle of eye to the outer corner. In this case we should set eyes on all lashes covered by tape. If some short lashes or only one got out, we can take new piece of tape and cover it again. If it’s necessary, we should carefully straighten the corners of pads.

Removal of tape happens in the reverse order: first we remove top piece if tape, then another one. It is a painless for client and safe for bottom lashes procedure.

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Another advantage of medical tape we can see in extension of 2d-6d lashes. Most of lashmakers used to make eyelash beams by hands or better to say by fingers. Usually I use this technique too. But we should remember that if we work with fingers we must to avoid contact between skin and lashes , which we are going to apply. The main reason are skin bacteria and fat coating of skin (I don’t know how to say right in English, that’s something what hydrates the skin).

We need 2 pieces of medical tape and to wrap it around fingers, which you usually use. I do it with the thumb and forefinger. Dry and dense surface of tape let us masterfully create eyelash beams by fingers and tweezers. And our false lashes keep being clean.

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