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The Eyelash Tint Guide: How an Eyelash Tint Kit Can Give You Stunning Eyes

Posted by Sara on Sep 29, 2021

When you think about your face, what part do you think highlights your features and draws attention to your beauty? If you thought about your eyes or, more specifically, your eyelashes, you're right! One of the latest trends to take lash care by storm is using an eyelash tint kit for salon clients.

Mascara and extensions are not the only game in town anymore. If you want to dye your lashes to make them look fuller and more healthy, you can do it with the help of a certified and licensed lash artist. Find out more about how you can achieve the stunning eyes you deserve with a lash tint kit. Our guide will help you through the process and teach you how to make your eyes even more stunning than they are.

Applying Lash Stuff Eyebrow Tint

What Is a Lash Tint Kit?

A lash tint kit provides everything that you need for the lash tinting process. If you go to a professional lash artist, he or she will probably own an eyelash tint kit. Kits are designed to provide you with vibrant and lasting color.

The kit contains a 3% developer cream in multiple colors. The colors include:

  • Blue-black
  • Natural brown
  • True black

In addition, your lash artist will have eyelash shields to protect your skin from the developer and disposable tint brushes. Disposable brushes are reassuring to most clients because it means that you never have to wonder about how sanitary the brushes are. Dirty brushes can lead to complications such as eye infections and illness.

How Does Lash Tinting Work?

If you're considering lash tinting, you may want to know how it's going to affect your eyes. The truth is that your results depend heavily on your lashes and natural eye shape. The tinting process may give you similar results as applying multiple coats of mascara. The big difference is that you don't have to go through all of the work of makeup. Also, you don't have to worry about the mascara irritating your eyes.

If you're looking for fuller lashes, here is what you can expect when you show up for a lash tinting appointment.

The Products

Your esthetician should have an eyelash tint kit in his or her salon. When you arrive, the artist will use a special dye of your color choice. Most salons use a vegetable dye, so you don't have to worry about the color harming you. Salons will also have a saline solution available to flush your eyes when you are done or to flush your eyes during the process if you begin to sting or burn after the first eight minutes of your session.

The Process

The process is relatively quick. If you compare it to eyelash extensions or applying mascara every morning, the lash tint is a great middle-ground between the two. You will sit in the chair for around 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the technician and your particular eyelashes determine the time that your process takes.

You lean back in the chair, the artist applies eye shields and begins to paint your eyelashes with a brush and the dye. Once he or she applies all of the dye to your lashes, you only have to let it sit for about 10 minutes before it can be removed.

The process itself should not hurt. It is a quick procedure, so even if you find sitting in a salon chair uncomfortable or if you don't like the shields pressed against your eyelids, you do not have to sit in the chair for long.

Keep in mind that a certified and trained technician will do an allergy test if it is your first time receiving a lash tint. The allergy test is for your safety. Those who have a negative reaction to the lash tint could see suffer skin irritation and serious swelling.

The Results

Your results depend on your eyes and the choices you make before your session. However, one thing that should be true for all clients is that you feel satisfied when you look in the mirror. Your lashes should look darker and longer and make you feel a burst of confidence.

In general, your eyelash tint should last you about three to six weeks. If you follow your esthetician's instructions and make sure to take care of your lashes, you can get the most out of them. Be careful with how you wash your face following the appointment.

How Does an Eyelash Tint Kit Change Your Overall Look?

If you want to change your overall look in a simple, quick way, a lash tint may be in your future. When you look in the mirror, you deserve to see the woman you want to be. Some procedures can instantly create a more youthful, stunning appearance. Eyelash tint kits can make a major difference in how you appear in the following ways.

Opens Up Your Eyes

Most people want to have more open, awake eyes. Tired, small eyes tend to age us. There are a lot of makeup tips to create a larger and brighter look. You can add nude eyeliner to your waterline, apply false lashes or get a lash tint. A dark lash tint causes the whites in your eyes to stand out.

Larger eyes indicate higher levels of estrogen and youth, which may be biologically linked to attraction. Defining our eyes has been used for centuries to widen the eye and appear more beautiful.

Enhances Your Facial Structure

You already have natural beauty. It's time to show off your facial structure in the best way possible. A lash tint, like makeup, enhances your natural beauty. When you define your eyes, you bring attention to their natural shape. In doing so, it also enhances your natural shape! You can use directional lines to define your brow bone and cheekbones. For example, if you have high cheekbones, you can expect the lash lift to draw attention and emphasize them.

Creates a Bold Lash Line

Darker lashes create the illusion of longer lashes. Forget falsies and other fake lashes. Your journey for darker, longer-looking lashes may be in reach when you have an eyelash tint kit. Dark lashes help create a bolder lash line which adds dimension to your eyes.

How To Create Stunning Looks With an Eyelash Tint Kit

When you first look at someone, what is the first thing you notice about them? If you're like many people, you said the eyes. They have a way of demanding attention. This is particularly true if you decide to line your eyes or bring more attention to them. If you want stunning eyes, then an eyelash tint kit and a professional lash tech may be your best solution. Here is how a tint can provide you with stunning lashes.

Prepare for Your Tint

There is very little that you need to do before your appointment with the lash artist. If it is your first time, try not to be too nervous. Having your lashes done can be one of the most relaxing services at the salon. There's nothing expected of you doing the service. You lay back and allow the tech to do all of the work. In fact, some estheticians refer to the lash tint service as a nap for their clients. This is because it is easier to work on the eyes when there isn't much conversation. You have an opportunity to relax.

Before your appointment, do not use any self-tanner. Some self-tanner will react negatively if you use it with lash tint dye. Likewise, you should not wear contact lenses to your appointment. Your lenses could become stained because of the lash dye.

Some clients do experience a sting when applying the dye. Make sure that you're prepared to inform your tech of any pain or discomfort during the session. An experienced, certified lash tech should do a skin test before using any dyes on your lashes.

Best Eyebrow Tint

Find a Certified Lash Tech

Do some research before you go to the salon. While lash tinting may be a low-risk procedure, you still use chemicals in a sensitive area and close to your eyes. You should only go to salons with certified lash technicians. Look into your technician's certifications, licenses and training.

When artists train to be lash techs, they have to go through hours of training with live models. They learn techniques to help avoid infection or injury due to the procedure. When looking for an artist, check the reviews and testimonials. What do other women say about the services they received? Many techs also include photos of their work. Don't be afraid to stalk Instagram or any other website for pictures of the lash tinting process.

Choose a Shade

Once you're ready for your procedure, you have to choose the shade of eyelashes you think will look best on you. If you're unsure about how to determine which shade suits you, ask the lash tech. He or she will have experience with a variety of different eye colors and skin tones. Your lash color can make your eyes stand out and complement your face.

There is a popular idea that everyone looks great with black eyelashes. For the most part, this is true. If you have pale skin and blue or green eyes or a darker skin tone and brown eyes, black still complements your skin tone. You can choose between natural black or blue-black. Blue-black is a darker black that adds more drama to the eye than natural black.

If you have blue eyes or fair skin and want a more natural look, you may want a shade of brown instead. Brown tends to harmonize better if you have light brown, red or blonde hair. Often women who have more invisible eyelashes choose to have brown lashes.

Use Proper Aftercare

Once you receive a lash tint, be careful not to get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours. This will help protect the integrity of your color. For the first 48 hours, do not go to a sauna or swimming pool. You should also avoid going to the beach to swim. After the 48 hours have passed, you can resume your routine, go to the beach or get in water. Be careful not to scrub your lashes, however. It could reduce the lifespan of the color.

When it comes to your skin routine, stay away from oil-based cleaners. Oil-based cleaners affect the color and you could lose the tint more quickly. If you do have to wash your eyes, be careful. You do not want to scrub the lashes too roughly. Not only could you lose lashes, but you could cause the tint to fade.

Many women choose not to wear mascara after a lash tint. If you still want to wear mascara, you can. You should still wait at least 24 hours before any mascara application. Unfortunately, if you use mascara, cleaning your lashes could strip the color from your eyelashes. If you do want to wear mascara, try a water-based product.

Show Off Your Stunning Eyes With the Help of Lash Stuff

When it comes to your lashes, there will always be new trends to help you create darker, more dramatic eyelashes. When you have access to a premium eyelash tint kit, you can say goodbye to the mascara in your makeup bag and hello to fuller-looking, beautiful eyelashes.

Lashes have always been an indicator of health and youth. Most women go through tubes of mascara looking for the perfect one. What you need to define your eyes could be as simple as a lash tint. Lash tinting involves applying a semi-permanent dye to your lashes to enhance your features.

Your lash artist will utilize an eyelash tint kit and walk you through the entire process. For more information about lash tinting and to browse through our selection of high-quality lash treatments, visit our website. At Lash Stuff, we're always ready to hear what you have to say, contact us today!