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Fake Lashes Trends in 2022

Posted by Gina on May 02, 2022

Find the Right Fake Eyelashes in 2022

Lash Extensions and services are trending in 2022. The lash fashion is only growing year after year. Customers are wanting their lashes to look perfect with minimal effort on their part. Some want a more natural look vs a glamour look. The services can vary from a lift and tint to volume lash extensions. Some services are not a perfect fit for every person. The next best thing would be to apply strip lashes daily or for special events. Having strip lashes are a great option and with the right quality of strip lash and maintenance you can get up to 20 wears per set.

Woman Applying Fake Eyelashes

Strip lashes have been around since 1911. Shortly after that in New York they started performing various lash services in salons. Lash services have been around for well over 100 years. It is safe to say that having amazing lashes are not going anywhere. The various looks have evolved over the years depending on the current fashion trend. Having lashes on transforms your entire look. They can polish of the full glam look for a night on the town or make a tired thrown together self, look bright eyed and ready to go. Whatever it maybe they provide a look that supports starting your day with confidence and the ability to take on the world.

Some false lashes are made to wear one time and throw them away. The best ones can be worn several times and if taken care of can be worn up to 20 times. They are simple to take care of. It takes just a few minutes at the end of the day or when you take them off to clean and place them for the next day.

Let’s start with when you first get your lash strips. It does not matter if you wear adhesive lash strips or magnetic lash strips the prep is the same. You gently remove them from their holder. I prefer to use tweezers when managing the lash strips. Start by measuring the length of the lashes to your eye. You want to place the strip along your lash line and see if any of the strip goes beyond the corner of your eye. If the base of the lash strip is too long, you can take small scissors and cut a little off the end. This helps customize to your eye size and make sure you have a comfortable fit to be able to wear all day. You then can apply them with adhesive or magnetic liner. If your lashes fit well, they will feel comfortable for all day wear. You will get to the point you do not even know you have them on.

Woman Showing Best Fake Eyelashes

Applying Adhesive Strip Lashes

1. Pick up the lashes using an application tool.

2.Apply a small amount of lash adhesive to the strip lash.

3.Wait 5 seconds for the adhesive to get tacky.

4.Start by placing the strip lash on the inner corner of your eye rolling it out to the ends. The inner corner if placed to closely may get cause irritation to the eye. This is why I start my application there.

5.Press the strip against the eye to ensure a tight grip.

6.Open your eye and check the corners for a tight, secure hold. 

How to apply fake eyelashes

Applying Magnetic Liner Strip Lashes

1.Apply a small amount of liner directly to the eye. Wait 3 seconds then apply a 2nd layer.

2.Wait 5 seconds for the magnetic liner to dry.

3. Pick up the lashes using an application tool.

4.Start by placing the strip lash on the inner corner of your eye rolling it out to the ends. The inner corner if placed to closely may get cause irritation to the eye.

5.Press the strip against the eye to ensure a tight grip.

6.Open your eye and check the corners for a tight, secure hold. 

Both types of strip lashes are easy to apply but do take a little of a learning curve. Keep practicing your application technique. Do not give up on it. Once you have the process mastered it is just as easy as applying mascara.

To ensure that you get the full life span of your lash strips you want to make sure you do not just take them of and forget to clean them. If you are one that you find your lashes all over the place because when you get home, you rip them off and lay them wherever. You won’t get the longevity out of your lashes. You will either lose them or when you go to put them on again, they won’t stay due to the makeup buildup, or the adhesive or magnetic liner is still on the strip lashes. The buildup will breakdown the shape to the strip and the lashes. If you make it part of your nighttime routine, they will be ready to wear another day.

Woman With Best Fake Eyelashes On

Steps to Clean the Lashes

1.After you remove them take tweezes and gently pick the adhesive or magnetic liner off the lash strips.

2.Spray lash shampoo onto a mascara wand (not the lashes themselves) and gently scrub the lash strip, removing remaining lash glue or liner from the strip.

3.Take the mascara wand and gently comb through the lash hairs to get any residue off.

4.Place the lash strip back in the original holder or package to help keep the shape of the lash strip base. 

Do not over saturate your lashes with moisture. If you get too much shampoo on the mascara wand you can wipe some of the moisture off before touching it to your lash strips. If you put too much moisture on the base of the strip lashes or the lash hairs, you can break down the stability of the shape of the base and the curl of the lashes. If you are nervous at using any moisture at all you can use a dry mascara wand you are comfortable using the lash shampoo. Never apply the lash shampoo directly to the strip lash.

If you have not tried false eyelashes right now is a great time to try them. Lash Stuff has a subscription box that allows you to receive 4 strip lashes a month. It is a great way to have casual wear and glamour wear delivered straight to your door every month. 

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