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Free Online Eyelash Extension Training with Purchase of Kit

Start An Eyelash Extension Business

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of eyelash extensions with our Online Training Course. Elevate your skills, unleash your creativity, and carve a path to success in the booming beauty industry. Are you a beauty professional and looking for a knew way to make more money in the beauty industry? Enroll today and start crafting the captivating lashes your clients will adore! The Lash Stuff Online Eyelash Extension Training course is designed to be comprehensive training for beginners that teaches the basics of how to apply eyelash extensions.

Complete Eyelash Extension Training

This training includes 10 learning modules that covers everything that is needed to know about how to apply eyelash extensions. Each lesson will focus on a specific part of applying eyelash extensions. Students will watch online video lessons by a professional eyelash extension trainer. Students will complete quizzes after completing modules to test and reinforce what they have learned from the training module. These lessons will cover topics such as lash application techniques, safety and hygiene practices, and business management skills and much more. When students complete the training course they will be able to apply a full set of classic eyelash extensions to a client.  

Master A New Skill

Successful eyelash extension stylists possess a diverse skill set, including the ability to customize lash styles based on client preferences. Mastering various techniques, such as classic, volume, and hybrid lash applications, will set you apart in the competitive beauty industry. Becoming an eyelash extension lash stylist is a rewarding journey that combines artistic creativity with technical precision. By investing in education, mastering techniques, and building a strong brand, you can turn your passion for beauty into a thriving career. As you embark on this exciting path, remember that continuous learning and dedication are essential to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving beauty industry. Embrace the art of eyelash extensions and transform not just lashes, but the confidence and beauty of your clients.

10 Lesson Course

Lash Stuff's professional online classic eyelash extension training includes ten lesson. Each lesson is designed and taught by a professional trainer that has years of experience in the eyelash extension industry. Students will learn from start to finish eyelash extension knowledge, how to prepare for a client, how to apply eyelash extensions, and how to remove eyelash extensions.  


Eyelash Extension Course For Anyone

Designed for both beginners and experienced beauty professionals, this comprehensive program offers a dynamic learning experience that combines theory, practical demonstrations, and interactive modules. Learn how to apply eyelash extension from your home or any where you want. Learn how to perfectly apply beautiful stunning eyelash extensions to anyone.

Get Certified

Upon successful completion of the course, receive a certification recognized within the beauty industry. Showcase your skills and boost your credibility as a certified eyelash extension artist. Every student recieves a printed signed certificate.

Start Your Eyelash Extension Training Right Now

Sign up right now and start learning how to apply eyelash extensions imediately online. As soon as you register you can start the ten lesson eyelash extension training and access the digital PDF training manual.  

Online Trainer Access

Sudents will get 24 hour access to the Lash Stuff eyelash extension training community. Students can ask a professional trainer eyelash extension questions, post pictures of work and ask for opinions and talk with other students. Learn from seasoned professionals and industry experts who share their wealth of knowledge and insider tips. Benefit from their years of experience to accelerate your journey to becoming a skilled eyelash extension artist.

Flexible Learning  

Watch the eyelash extensions training modules anywhere you are anytime of the day. Enjoy the flexibility of online learning, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. Access course materials, video tutorials, and assignments from anywhere, making it easy to balance your training with other commitments.

Deluxe Student Eyelash Extension Kit

Sudents will get a deluxe student eyelash extension kit that comes with everything that is needed to apply eyelash extensions. The Lash Stuff eyelash extension kit comes with enough product to apply 50 sets of eyelash extensions! Lash Stuff eyelash extensions were voted best eyelash extensions twice by Beauty Launchpad magazine.

10 Comprehensive Training Videos by a Professional Trainer

Module 1 - Eyelash Extension Knowledge

In module 1 you will learn about the different types of eyelash extensions and what materials they are made out of. You will also learn the different types of eyelash extension curls and when it is best to use a certain curl type.  

Module 2 - Product Knowledge

In module 2 you will learn about the different types of eyelash extension products that are availble. You will also learn when to use eyelash extension products and how to use them.

Module 3 - Adhesive Information and Trouble Shooting

In module 3 students will learn about the different types of eyelash extension glue, how to care for the glue, and how to apply the glue to an eyelash extension. Students will also learn how to trouble shoot problems with eyelash extension glue.

Module 4 - Eye Shapes and Eyelash Extension Mapping

In module 4 student will the different types of eyeshapes that clients might have and what types of eyelash extensions are best for the different types of eyeshapes. Students will also learn how to map eyelash extensions so that clients get a individulized eyelash extension expirence.

Module 5 - Preparing For The Client

In module 5 students will learn how to set up for an eyelash extension appointment, meet and greet the client, fill out appointment forms, Saftey and sanitation procedures,

Module 6 - Beginning of Service

In module 6 students will learn how to set up a work station to apply eyelash extensions, how to secure the eyelashes with tape, determine what size of eyelash extensions should be used for the client.

Module 7 - Placement, Isolation and Adhesive Pickup

In module 7 students will learn the different types of eyelash extension placement, how to apply eyelash extension glue to an eyelash extension, and how to solate a natural eyelash.

Module 8 - Placing Eyelash Extensions

In module 8 students will learn how to properly place eyelash extensions on the natural eyelashes.

Module 9 - Finishing The Service

In module 9 students will learn how to properly finish an eyelash extension service on a client andcure the eyelash extensions,  

Module 10 - Fills And Removals

In module 9 students will learn how to perform an eyelash extension fill on a client when they come back for the second service and how to properly remove eyelash extensions.

Info Graphic on how to become a certified lash tech

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Lash Stuff Offers Two Different Types of Eyelash Extension Trainings


Free Eyelash Extension Training + Student Eyelash Extension Kit - $199.99

Eyelash Extension Kit + Printed Manual + PDF Manual + Printed Certificate + Online Training Community

Training comes with 10 module video lessons that teaches how to apply classic eyelash extensions from start to finish.

Sign up for our online eyelash extension training and purchase a Lash Stuff Student Eyelash Extension Kit. The Lash Stuff Sudent Eyelash Extension Kit comes with everything that a student needs to learn how to apply eyelash extensions.

Apply upto 50 full sets of eyelash extensions!

The Lash Stuff Student Eyelash extension Kit Come with the following items:

Eyelash Extension Kit Contents:

  • 4 Cases of MIXED Length Eyelash Extensions - Faux Mink C.15, CC.15, C.18, CC .18
  • 1 Glass Lash Tile
  • 3 Micropore Tape
  • 1 Cream Adhesive Remover
  • 1 Pre-Treatment
  • 1 Blue Sapphire Adhesive 5ml
  • LS-1107 Tweezer
  • LS-1108 Tweezer
  • 1 Air Blower
  • 50 Mascara Brushes
  • 50 Flocked Applicator
  • 30 Plastic Adhesive Stickers
  • 30 Standard Lash Extension Eye Gel Pads
  • 1 Clear Eyelash Extension Sealer
  • 100ct Micro Swabs
  • 1 Practice Eyelashes
  • 1 Classic Eyelash Extension Manual
  • 1 Pink Trim Kit Bag
  • Manaquin Head
  • Dgital Eyelash extension training manual
  • Printed eyelash extension training manual
  • Printed Signed Certificate of Complettion

REFUND POLICY - Eyelash Extension kits can be returned with in 30 days of purchase for instore credit.

Eyelash extension Kit for Training
Manquinn Head for eyelash extension training
eyelash extension training manual

Eyelash Extension Training - $99

10 Video lessons + Digital PDF Eyelash Extension Training Manual + Printed Signed Certificate of Completion + Online Training Community


Learn how to apply classic eyelash extensions through this 10-lesson training course by Lash Stuff. Each lesson is taught by a professional trainer and covers in detail the basics of how to apply eyelash extensions. The training will teach about eyelash extension product knowledge, mapping eyelash extensions, isolating and placing eyelash extensions, how to properly manage eyelash extension glue, how to perform an eyelash extension fill, and how to remove eyelash extensions. Each student gets a digital PDF eyelash extension training manual with this course that can be instantly downloaded once registration is complete. Students will be required to complete quizzes that will test what they have learned from the training videos. At the end of the training course a student will turn in before and after photos of two different clients that have had eyelash extensions applied to be evaluated by a trainer. Once the photo submissions have been evaluated and passed off a signed certificate of completion will be mailed to the student.

eyelash extension training digital manual
Girl taking eyelash extension training online

REFUND POLICY - Lash Stuff's Online Eyelash Extension Training can be refunded with in 24 hours of purchase.