Lash Stuff VIP Program

Earn Lash Points With Every Purchase Towards a Lash Stuff VIP Status

With Lash Points every purchase and action brings you closer to the next VIP level. Earn Lash Points by purchasing product, sharing Lash Stuff social media posts, and signing up for product subscriptions.

Get 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Get Free Shipping and Gifts With Every Purchase

With each Lash Stuff VIP level you can earn a higher level of free shipping and get better free gifts with each purchase. Eventually get a free lash & brow serum with every $50 purchase!

Three Different VIP Levels

Skip The Wait and Buy Into The Gold Level

$50 - 1 Year Membership

Skip The Wait and Buy Into The Platinum Level

$75 - 1 Year Membership

Skip The Wait and Buy Into The Diamond Level

$100 - 1 Year Membership

Earn Extra Points and Get to the Next Level Faster

Share on social media to get more points.

Earn extra points by refering a friend.

To sign up for the Lash Love VIP Club just create an account or if you already have an account just shop while signed into your account. You will automatically start getting VIP perks for free!