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Get the Best Eyebrow Tint Kit for Beautiful Results

Posted by Jess on Apr 20, 2021

Eyebrow Tint Kit for Professionals

The perfect brow is the finishing touch of any beautiful look, but it is a tough one for your customers to achieve on their own. Adding a brow tinting service to your menu can give customers the look they want and keep them coming back for more. To get beautiful results, you need the best eyebrow tint kit. Here is what it should include.

Eyebrow Tint Kit

Start With the Tint

Your customer comes to you to achieve a professional look. The trickiest part of the treatment is mixing just the right tints to create the perfect color that blends in and enhances the customer's natural brows.

The best eyebrow tint kit contains more than one shade of semi-permanent color so you have the shades you need to customize that perfect mix. Look for a kit that includes a true black, blue-black and a natural brown tint, as these are the most common colors you need. You can purchase blonde, ash and auburn shades on your own if need be.

You want these to be in a 15-ml tube to get about 75 applications out of each one. Your kit should also include a tint dish to mix the colors in.

Add the Right Developer

Putting dye so close to the eye is risky business. You should always recommend the client comes to you for this treatment instead of trying to do the process at home. Safety is key here.

Look for a kit that includes a 3% developer cream in a no-run formula. This makes the cream easier to apply and manage. A smaller bottle is best so the solution does not deteriorate before you use it all.

Find the Perfect Brush

Every artist knows the brush makes all the difference in the finished result. You must carefully paint the tint on the brows and do all you can to avoid getting any color on the surrounding skin. The best eyebrow tint kit includes at least one applicator brush that is the perfect size for this delicate procedure. It should also have several disposable brushes as well.

Throw in Helpful Extras

It is good to have other helpful tools in your kit, such as petroleum jelly to protect the skin around the brow from color transfer and cleansing pads to remove any stray color quickly.

Carry It All in Style

Such a stylish procedure deserves to have all the necessary tools kept in one beautiful bag. This makes it easy for you to grab the kit and start the treatment immediately for any client who accepts your suggestion for an eyebrow tint. Just be sure you regularly replenish your supplies to keep the kit always stocked and ready.

Adding eyebrow tinting to your list of services should appeal to your clients, especially when they see their finished results. Purchasing the right treatment kit makes sure you give your customers the most beautiful result.

At Lash Stuff, we have the best eyebrow tint kit with all the tools you need to perfect your clients' brows. We also offer free training online to help you get certified in the treatment. Contact us today for all your eyebrow and eyelash treatment needs!