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How Do I Prepare for My First Brazilian Wax?

Posted by Misty on Jun 17, 2021

We’re going to be honest: getting a Brazilian wax may not be the most fun experience for you. Saying that, it’s an excellent, longer-lasting method of removing your public hair compared to shaving.

You can enjoy smoothness lasting for two to four weeks instead of days. This makes a wax the ideal choice for the summer months when you don’t want to keep reaching for the razor to deal with your bikini line.

If you’re considering a Brazilian wax, it’s essential to be aware of precisely what you’re getting yourself in for. This will help make the experience for you as comfortable as possible and ensure you achieve the smoothest results.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for your first Brazilian wax.

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Let the Hair Grow Out

One mistake many women make before their first Brazilian bikini wax is shaving. Remember, wax can’t take your hairs when they’re too short, so it’s essential to let your hair grow ahead of your appointment. They should be at least a quarter of an inch long before your waxing appointment.

Always avoid shaving between Brazilian waxes.

Come Clean

While generally best to keep that area routinely cleaned and exfoliated, it’s even more essential when you have a technician working on you. Try to shower before your appointment but if it’s in the middle of your day, reach for the baby wipes.

You’ll feel less self-conscious and more comfortable if you’re clean before your waxing appointment. Even better, enjoying a warm shower or bath just before your session softens your pores, making the procedure less painful and more comfortable.

In the days leading up to your waxing session, try giving your whole body a nice scrub with a mild exfoliant.

Don't Schedule Around That Time of the Month

We strongly suggest waiting until that time of the month before having a Brazilian wax. While most waxing specialists are skilled at avoiding tampon strings, rescheduling is probably in everyone’s benefit for sanitation and sensitivity purposes.

To play it safe, avoid scheduling a wax within three days before your period. Your skin is usually very sensitive during that time.

Let Your Bits Breathe

After your wax, your bits aren’t going to feel comfortable for around a day, so prepare for the warzone. Some redness and soreness is normal. Avoid the tight pants and lacy underwear and find your softest undies and cozy sweatpants.

Giving your bits some breathing space after an appointment should be your number one priority. For the rest of the day after your appointment, you need to avoid applying too much friction.

As well as avoiding tight-fitting clothing, you may need to skip any exercise too. Otherwise, you may end up with even more ingrown hair or irritation in the waxed area.

The good news is that the redness and soreness should go away overnight.

Get Comfortable With the Exposure Level

Before your wax, you’ll need to remove your pants and underwear. Some places provide disposable underwear for simple bikini waxes, but if you’re having more hair removed than just on the sides, you’ll likely need to be entirely naked below the waist.

Depending on how much hair will be removed, you may need to shift your body around. To give your waxer easy access to all the areas you’d like hair removed from, be prepared to assist or adjust into awkward positions.

Remember, your technician has likely seen hundreds of people’s private areas. Waxing is business for them so try not to worry about exposing yourself or feeling shy.

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Prepare for the Pain Factor

There are many bikini wax treatments out there that claim to be painless or pain-free. Other people who have been receiving waxes for years may have become desensitized to the pain, insisting that hair removal treatments don’t hurt at all.

Spoiler alert: Brazilian waxes do tend to hurt. At least somewhat.

Brazilian waxes work by sticking to hair, removing it right at the root when the wax is dragged off. Unless you have extremely thin hair, no pain receptors, or use a numbing cream, having hair ripped from the body will be slightly painful at the very least. While a bikini wax isn’t usually comfortable for anyone, for some, it can be worse than others.

Additionally, coarse and thick body hair is more difficult to remove, so you may experience more redness in the waxed area.

If you think a Brazilian wax may be particularly painful for you, try taking painkillers like ibuprofen. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as both may make the process even more painful and can lead to bleeding.

The quickest way to relieve post-waxing irritation is to use over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. These creams are available at drugstores or on Amazon. They reduce inflammation, itchiness, and redness.

Are You Ready For Your First Brazilian Wax?

As we’re working with sensitive bits, it’s essential to get a Brazilian wax performed by grooming professionals with plenty of experience down under. Many professional technicians can give you an excellent Brazilian wax price at high quality.

If you’re wondering ‘how long does a Brazilian wax last?’ you can expect your technician to remove your hair every three to four weeks. Always speak with your doctor before booking an appointment because bleeding can occur, and some medications don’t combine well with waxing.

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