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How to Apply a Jelly Mask Facial

Posted by Gina on Mar 25, 2021

Have you heard of the new Jelly Masks that have it the industry? They are taking it by storm. They are a great way to level up your guest experience in a new and innovative way. There are several options out there for you. It is a great way to add it on to any facial or create a unique experience for your brow and lash experience.

Jelly Masks are unique in the way they deliver the nutrients to the skin. Depending on which one you use it can; heal damaged skin, clear up acne, even out the texture of the skin and increase the overall volume of the skin. Some peel off masks have shown up on social media in a funny way. The black acne mask is the most popular. You apply a thin layer of the mask, wait until it dries and painfully remove it. This is NOT what a Jelly mask is. It provides a soothing, cooling, and relaxing experience and provides amazing results for you guest.

Collagen Jelly Facial Mask

5 Steps to a Perfect Application and Removal of a Jelly Face Mask

1. Providing a customized consultation by determining what you see and hear from the guest. 

Looking at clean skin either in a well-lit area or by using a mag lamp. Asking the customer open ended questions about their skin concerns. You cannot solve all of them in one time sitting. What are their most concerned areas they want to see addressed? Then decide what mask is the best fit for them today and what you would recommend going forward. Gain their commitment to how often they want to come in based on your professional recommendation.

2. Start with a double cleanse. 

The first cleanse is to remove the impurities of the skin and the second is to cleanse the skin itself. Making sure to cleanse the skin methodically and intentionally. This is the start of your touch point with the guest that sets the tone for the entire service. Ask the guest if they would like you to educate them on the products you are using during or after the service. Some customers want to know the product and what it does and why you are using it as it relates to their skin needs. Some just want to lay there in peace and quiet and just be able to put their mind in a meditative state.

3.Exfoliate the skin. 

Exfoliation is a great way to rid the skin of dead skin cells and impurities. This eliminates a layer on the surface of the skin that would hinder a deeper penetration of the mask on the skin. There are several services that can be done in the place of exfoliation. They could consist of a chemical or mechanical exfoliation. Use your professional judgement to which form of exfoliation will be best for the customer’s needs.

4. Prepping and applying the mask. 

Prepping the mask. I recommend a tepid water temperature. Measuring is crucial for a flawless application and removal of the mask. Every mask has their specific measurements that need to be followed. Make sure your follow the manufactures directions specifically to maintain the best results, application, and removal of the product. I put the powder of the mask into a small bowl and the directive water content. I prefer to whisk the two together to eliminate any clumps of the product. You want to apply it to be a thicker consistency when you go to apply it.

Applying a Lash Stuff Jelly Mask

Using a spatula to apply helps you to apply it in a thicker consistency across the face. I recommend applying it starting at the chin and working your way up. Making sure you have a little thicker edging. Once you have applied the mask on the face, then let it sit up for a minimum of 15 minutes. If you apply too thick, which is ok, it may take longer to completely dry all the way through.

During the time the mask is sitting there are several things you can do to create a memorable experience for the guest. If you were going to provide an eyebrow or lash service. You would just avoid those areas during the application. You could provide a lash extension fil service, an eyelash lifts and tint service, or a brow lamination and tint service. If you apply it to the entire face you could do a scalp massage, a hand and foot massage or a shoulder massage. All these things will provide a relaxing and memorable service for the guest.

After the 15 min. you will gently pull the mask up and away from the skin starting from the chin or forehead area. If it breaks you can still pick the mask apart section by section. Your guest will still receive the same benefit from the mask. You can either use sponges that are moist and gently move them over the skin to remove any remaining mask particles or use a warm or cold towel, wrap the face, and gently remove the particles from the skin.

5. Tone and moisturize with SPF. 

The toner will bring the skin back to its natural ph. You can either spray in the air or apply to cotton round and apply to the skin. You can do which ever application method you prefer. Lastly apply a moisturizer with an SPF to the face.

Your client will leave with dewy and incredibly soft skin. Who does not want that? Do not forget the educate your guest on take home products that will continue the health of the skin and book their next appointment.