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How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Posted by Gina on Feb 01, 2021

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic Lashes are amazing and glue-free. You heard me correctly, no glue! I have worn strip lashes for years and love all types, however, right now Magnetic lashes are my new fav!!! Let me tell you why. They are easy to apply with little to no mess. They stay all day long, without having to worry about a corner coming free and your lash half falls off if applied correctly. Magnetic lashes are great for those who have mastered eyelash strips or those just beginning on the journey of starting to wear lashes.

The nice thing about any quality strip lashes are they are reusable and can last multiple uses all pending on how they are cared for. If you are one that likes to take your lashes off and they end up on your night stand or random places all over the house, these may not be the best option for you. It is very comical when I go to a friends house and I get startled by the big furry spider on the sink. Oh wait, it's a strip lash that was removed and just left. Quality magnetic lashes are meant to be removed, cleaned and placed back on the packaging magnetic strip. You may be surprised how many times you can do this without needing to replace them. It truly comes down to how hard you are on removing them and cleaning them.

There are a lot of preconceived notions about magnetic lashes. Some may say they are too bulky, they hurt, they are too tedious to apply them. I want to set the record straight and pull you into the fabulous world of magnetic lashes. Because let me tell you; they are AMAZING!

Magnetic Eyelashes by Lash Stuff

There are a few things I recommend you have in order to do a successful set of magnetic lashes.

A good set of curved tweezers. I recommend our strip eyelash tool. They easily grip the lashes to apply and a nice curved edge to press the lashes on.

Q-tips to clean up any excess Magnetic liner.

A mirror you can get close up to.

Magnetic lashes (of course)

Magnetic Liner

Regular liner. Any color will do, I just prefer black


I always do my complete makeup look prior to putting on my lashes. It’s not wrong if you apply your lashes first then apply your makeup. I have just found that any loose powders that are applied may fall onto the eyelashes. If you like to apply your makeup first. Get a clean spooly (mascara wand) and comb through them after you are all done. This usually will remove the fall out of your makeup. You can also look fabulous without make up and just apply your magnetic lashes. They make you look awake, put together, even on the days you are running to a store and don’t really care to get completely ready. They are so versatile and complete any look from basic to glam. Guess what? There is a magnetic strip lash for that.

First thing is to measure the length of the magnetic strip lash against the length of the eyelid. If it is too long it can cause discomfort to the eye throughout the day. Our magnetic lashes have 5 magnets. If you have to trim a little off, you would want to cut all the way to the next magnet. If you leave a loose end without a magnet it will appear loose all day. Any strip lash is not one size fits all; they are one size fits most. It is normal to trim a little off the strip. It's just being strategic when doing so.

Next, apply a little eyeliner right up to the lash line. This creates a solid line so there is no risk of the eyelid showing through under the magnetic lash strip. Then applying a touch of mascara to the top eyelashes and to the bottom ones as well. If you have darker lashes this step may not be as necessary and those with blonde, red or lighter lashes. I prefer to do this before I apply the lashes because I don’t like to take the chance of my lashes getting mascara on them. This will lead to more cleaning and potentially shortening the life of my Magnetic lashes.

Laying out the lashes, magnetic liner and tweezers so they are all close and ready to use. I apply about 4 coats of the magnetic liner to each eye. Starting with my right eye, applying one more coat, count to 3 then apply the lash to my right eye. Get up close to the mirror ensuring you are as close to the lash line as possible. Then firmly, but gently pressing on the eyelid paying special attention to the inner and outer corners of the lashes. Put an additional coat of magnetic eyeliner to the left eye, count to 3 then apply the magnetic lash in the same manner. Again, paying special attention to the inner and outer corners of the eye. Blink a few times to make sure the lashes are in a good spot.

You now have the knowledge to create fabulous, beautiful lashes. This process becomes second nature and quicker than just applying mascara. I PROMISE! I hear some say the magnetic liner (from any brand) doesn’t last very long. Guess what? I have a super hot tip for you. Run it under warm water and it will liquify it. Especially in colder months it tends to get thicker quicker. My hot water tip will give you more life to your magnetic liner.

Now, who wants to try MAGNETIC STRIP LASHES?!?! I hope I can help you overcome the myths that lead to fear of not trying them or have tried them and you couldn’t quite get it.