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How To Create a Unique Lash Look For Every Guest

Posted by Gina on Aug 09, 2022

Create a Different Eyelash Extension Look For Each Client

Do you find yourself doing the exact same thing on every guest? Would you like some tips on how to create a unique look for every single guest? It really goes back to the basics. Have a consultation every single appointment. This not only allows the customer to communicate to you about what they are wanting, but it also can create an opportunity for you to make sure they are not wanting to change the look, color, or style. They may have an event or add a pop of color for an up coming event or season. You potentially could lose a customer if they wanted to change something, and you never offered. A customer may not just ask you to add color or for a change. They may not know they can because you have not educated them on various things that you can do to create changes to your clients’ lashes. 

Learn how to apply eyelash extensions

There are a lot of various eyelash extensions available. The two most popular are faux mink and silk. Mink for the most part is the most popular because they are easy to work, hold their shape and curl. Silk is a little softer to the touch. Clients may or may not care which you use. Using mink or silk is more about what you as the professional to work with. A customer may request silk vs mink simply because they have been educated on an opinion from a previous professional.

Choosing The Best Eyelash Extension Length: 

The most popular lengths to choose from range from 6-17 mm. You want to measure the clients’ longest lashes to ensure you have the best length for the customer. You do not need to measure every single lash. This is a rough educated estimate on what length is healthy for your customer. This will assist you in not putting a 17 mm lash on a 7mm length natural lash.

Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers

This is just You start by taking a 10mm or a middle length lash that you use and place it near the customers lashes. You want to see if your customers lashes are longer or short than that lash estimating by eye. Once you have an idea of how long your customers lashes are you can plan the longest length of lashes that can safely be used. You want to stay under 3mm of additional length per eyelash.

Here is an example. I am using a 10mm lash to measure my clients’ lashes. I can see my clients lashes natural lashes are longer than the 10mm lash. It appears as if they are about 2 mm longer, making them 12mm in length. I can add 3mm in additional length to my clients’ lashes, so the longest lash I should use is a 15 mm lash. You can always add shorter lashes, but it may add too much length to the end of the lashes to make sure they last until the next growth cycle.

Brushing out eyelash extensions

Choosing The Eyelash Extension Curl: 

There are various curls including J, B, C, D, and L. They all have different purposes. 

J curl: Has minimal curl. You want to use this on something to add length and less curl. If someone already has a very tight curl, you could add a J curl to add more length vs curl that can potentially curl back into their eyelids 

B curl: Has a slight curl to it. This is also good for someone who already has a curl to their lashes, and you want to add more length. 

C or cc curl: Are the most popular curl type. They are universal for most clients. Even though they are the most popular, they are still not a one size fits all. Keep multiple lash curls on hand to assist you in creating a customized look. 

D curl: is very dramatic and create a baby doll look. If you have a client that wants length and curl. This is the lash for them. 

L curl: Has a sharper angle to them. They mimic an L shape. They open the eyes. These lashes are perfect for someone who has straight lashes. It opens their eyes giving them added curl to their naturally very straight lash.

Choosing the thickness: 

The thickness is important because you don’t want to add too much weight to individual strands. You want to choose thinner lashes for creating fans or thinner lashes. There is a calculator you can use on to help you know how much weight you are adding to the lashes.

.10 -.12mm are used for thinner lashes 

.12 -.15mm are used for medium lashes 

.15 -.20mm are used for thicker lashes

Above .25 is not recommended. If you add too much weight may damage the natural lash. It is important to take into consideration the integrity of the natural lash.

Applying the best eyelash extensions

Overtime this does become second nature. However, all three areas need to be taken into consideration on every single appointment. Lashes can change with the seasons; clients care and health. Recognizing this will set you apart from other professionals. It is important to event talk through these steps with your clients and why it is important. You may have someone who comes in and requests something that is not in the best interest of their lashes. You can choose to do them or speak up and not do something that could cause temporary or permanent damage to your customer’s natural lash. It is more important to maintain the integrity of your business and the service you provide by performing what is best for you client and not always what they want.

Yes, these are all basic steps in providing a unique look for every guest. You may be a beginner or doing lashes for a long time. Always coming back to basics is important. If you are one that keeps the same lashes in stock and uses them on everyone should really take the above information into consideration.

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