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How To Put on Magnetic Eyelashes: 9 Easy Techniques

Posted by Sara on Aug 19, 2021

Magnetic eyelashes are one of the most enduring beauty trends in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re fairly quick to apply, and the impact is immediate. You can turn a simple look into a stunning display by simply setting the lashes on the lash line and letting your client step out for a night of fun. Not everyone has gotten the hang of magnetic lash application, however. If you’re wondering what are the best tactics for applying the lashes or how to show clients how to put on magnetic eyelashes, these nine easy techniques can help you get started. Soon you and your clients can reap the full benefits of magnetic lashes. Once you master the right technique, your clients will never look at a tube of lash glue again.

Woman wearing magnetic eyelashes

1. Curl the Natural Lashes

One of the first steps towards successful application of magnetic eyelashes is curling the natural lashes. Why? You want the magnetic lashes to hug the shape of the natural lashes to sit on the lash line naturally. Curling natural lashes prior to placement of magnetic falsies is a great way to ensure that they’ll fit comfortably. This also helps them blend in with natural lashes seamlessly, so your clients' friends will wonder what their secret is. Get a variety of eyelash curlers to have the right size and shape for you clients.

2. Learn How To Put On Magnetic Eyelashes With Magnetic Eyeliner

When they were first introduced to the beauty market, magnetic lashes were comprised of two individual strip lashes that were magnetized and ready for application. The application could be tricky, though — the natural lashes needed to be sandwiched between the falsies in order to apply them. If your clients are still struggling with magnetic falsies of this kind, recommend a more modern pair that comes with magnetic eyeliner. Magnetic eyeliner simplifies the process and makes the lashes easier to apply.

3. Use Tweezers Strategically

It can be tricky to place magnetic falsies with your fingers, even after using a magnetic eyeliner. Tweezers are a girl’s best friend for more than one reason. You can use tweezers to carefully pick up the magnetic strip lashes, lift them to the lash line, and place them as close to the natural lashes as possible. Tweezers are delicate enough to allow for precise adjustments to ensure the lashes are placed just right.

4. Use Mascara on Natural Lashes

If your clients want another trick for how to put on magnetic eyelashes, remind them to apply mascara before putting on magnetic falsies. Mascara provides a subtle amount of stickiness that tacks to the magnetic lashes, and it also helps them blend in with the natural lashes beautifully. Be careful to only apply mascara directly to the natural lashes, though, and not the magnetic strip lashes. Mascara applied directly to magnetic lashes can damage the fibers they are made of and cause deterioration.

5. Position the Magnetic Strip Carefully

Position is everything when it comes to applying magnetic strip lashes. Even if your clients get them on the lash line and manage to make them stick, if they are placed too far away from the natural lashes, they will likely fall off, and they’ll also look unnatural. Be sure to position magnetic lashes above the natural lashes, as close to the lash line as possible. This allows them to hug the natural lashes for better security and blend better, too.

6. Hold the Lashes in Place

Some people struggle with applying anything in their eye area. It’s a sensitive area, so your clients may need a little extra effort to secure their lashes before applying magnetic strip lashes. Gently pull the eyelid to the side to hold it still and then proceed to apply magnetic eyeliner or strip lashes. This maneuver is a simple way to manage blinking and flinching, too, so even those who are prone to fidgeting can figure out how to put on magnetic eyelashes themselves.

7. Trim Magnetic Lashes To Fit

If there are still challenges with applying magnetic lashes, it is possible that you are dealing with a pair of lashes that are simply too big for your client's lash line. If this is the case, it can easily be resolved by trimming the magnetic lashes. Be sure to trim in small increments so that you do not make the lashes too short, and be careful not to leave a pointy end that can poke the eye!

8. Select the Right Magnetic Lashes

In addition to potentially having the wrong size, your clients might simply have…the wrong lashes. A pair of magnetic lashes that were bought for a bargain may not be of optimal quality and will therefore be difficult to apply. It’s important to get magnetic lashes from a trusted supplier that specializes in professional-grade lash products. Anything less can leave your clients with low-quality products and difficult-to-apply falsies. Cheaper materials are also more likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions and other issues.

9. Accept That Practice Makes Perfect

Perhaps the most important element of applying magnetic lashes is the principle that practice makes perfect. Your clients likely won’t apply their first pair perfectly — or their second pair, for that matter — but after a few tries, they’ll likely nail down a technique and develop a method that works for them. Eventually, they’ll be a pro and forget that magnetic lashes were ever a struggle in the first place.

Master How To Put On Magnetic Eyelashes With Easy-To-Apply Options

Plenty of people purchase magnetic lashes without actually knowing how to put on magnetic eyelashes. When they take them out of the package and make their first attempt, the result may be frustration. Your clients don’t have to be intimidated by magnetic lashes any longer, though. These nine tips are the foundation of successful magnetic lash application and the key to the lashes of their dreams.

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