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How to Set Your Salon Up for Success in 2021

Posted by Gina on Apr 21, 2021

Salons Can Be Successful in 2021

Do you want to be more successful than you have been in the past? Do you believe that you are the only one getting in the way? Our life experiences give us the amazing gift called conditioned belief. We are raised with our parents telling us not to speak to strangers and guess what? We must talk to strangers to create connections and rapport with our guests. Maybe someone asked you why you were going into the beauty industry. You need to get a ‘real’ job. Right, have we all heard it? We may believe we can not be successful in the beauty industry. 

ways for salons to be more successful

3 Steps For Salons to Be More Successful

I am here to help you stomp those conditioned beliefs out of your system. It starts with just 3 easy steps. I say easy, but really it takes dedication on continued work to be easy. Results will come if you do it consistently. How many of us set New Years Resolutions? Do you remember what they are? Are you still working on them? Most will say no. You need to remember to stay focused to make your goals happen and prove to yourself that the conditioned beliefs are not going to get in your way of true success.


Think about what you want to achieve this year. It could be more money or more time with your family. Even if it is more time, it is about creating goals with the time you have. Let us say you are working 5 days per week, but you want to make the same in 4 days. This would give you back more time at home with your family, fur babies or hobbies. Recognizing what you want to achieve and why will help give you the motivation to over come the fear of making some changes. Maybe you want to increase your revenue by $10,000 or $20,000. What will that pay increase do for you? Do you want to create a savings or get a new house or car? Understanding what gets us moving everyday helps you have the right mindset to start this journey.

Example: I wanted to make an addition $10,000 in revenue this year. This would be an additional $833.00 a month and I work 4 days in the salon, so that is an additional $208 per day or if I add a day that would be $166 per day. I decided that add an additional day to my week because I am determined to make my goals happen.


Understanding how we are self-sabotaging ourselves is the hardest part in all of this. Why have we not been successful in the past? Are you afraid to fail? Are you afraid to put yourself on social media? Do these fears cause you to procrastinate? Understanding your fear will help you create a plan and over come it. If you start with writing down words or sentences that are your fears.

Example: failure, afraid of comparison, and judgment. I had someone close to me tell me being a service provider is not a real job. I needed to go to school and get a degree to be successful. This built up my conditioned belief that I am automatically going to Fail. Only a select few may be successful and not in my small area I live in. I do not want to be compared to someone in New York or California. Because of something someone told me 20 years ago, it already set me up to fail. This is my condition belief. Sometimes we must write it down and metaphorically light it on fire. This will help create a mental mind shift to over come it. It does not happen over-night. Create small actions that help you through the process.


Believe it or not, but your past is in fact impacting your business. How we show up with having a healthy mindset with create movement. Just do it, and do not keep putting it off. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen. I cannot just add a day to my week and expect people to come walking in the door. I can increase what services I offer my guests and or I can add more guests and I am going to tackle one of those behaviors. If you have no guests, then your focus should be increasing your guest count. IF you have guests and you can increase how many services you provide for your guests.

Example: I want to add 2 additional people each day to my books. If each of those guests get a service for a minimum of $83 then I will achieve my goal. I am going to post on social media everyday and advertise my work. I am also going to create a referral program and ask my current guests to send me their friends and family.

The key to any plan is to be consistent and not allow our condition beliefs to come back to the surface. If I post everyday and I ask for referrals and I do not see immediate results, it may feed into my condition belief that I won’t be successful. I am here to tell you; nothing will happen overnight. Stay consistent with your behaviors and the results will come. Do not give up on your goals. 

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