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Individual Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions: What's the Difference?

Posted by Sara on Mar 19, 2021

False eyelashes are the latest beauty trend. The false eyelash market, especially eyelash extensions, is set for rapid growth in the next few years.

Nothing ties with femininity more than eyelashes. Long and full eyelashes accentuate the eyes, making them look bigger and more awake. This is why the false eyelash market has grown to huge proportions.

Clients have more eyelash options than ever. Individual lashes can give clients a more dramatic and seductive look while eyelash extensions look more natural.

But what’s the difference between eyelash extensions and individual lashes? Continue reading to know which service you should choose!

Lash Stuff False Eyelashes

Eyelash Extensions

Most clients are familiar with eyelash extensions, so we’ll start with this one first. During the service, one lash strand is fused with your natural lashes with a strong adhesive.

When your natural eyelashes shed (this occurs after 60-90 days), the synthetic lash also comes off. But because of this process, it’s recommended you redo your lashes every three-six weeks.

Lash Stuff Eyelash Extensions

As long as you get the procedure done by a professional and use high-quality products, there should be no damage to the root of the lashes. In addition, eyelash extensions should be completely weightless and unnoticeable.

Individual Lashes

What are individual lashes? Individual lashes are similar to eyelash extensions. A cluster of lashes are attached to either your natural eyelash or the lash line.

If you’re getting your lashes done professionally, the specialist attaches your lashes using a special adhesive. These lashes last for about two weeks.

Are individual lashes better than lash extensions? Individual lashes look more dramatic than eyelash extensions. They also take less time to apply and are cheaper than eyelash extensions.

However, individual lashes do come with some downsides. For example, since you’ll have more lashes, the sensation will feel heavier. There are also risks; since eyelash hairs grow and shed at different speeds, there’s a chance the lashes can cause damage to the root.

Individual Lashes Pros and Cons

Individual lashes are popular for many reasons, but they have some disadvantages. While we discussed some of the pros and cons previously, here’s a better look at the benefits and disadvantages of using individual lashes.

Individual Lashes


Individual lashes are extremely affordable. As you will see in another section, there are a variety of individual lash styles for every preference. You can also customize them in every way you want; you can apply them to the ends only, apply them all over your lashes, and arrange them on your eye in a variety of other ways.


Many people apply individual lashes DIY, but it's difficult. You’ll likely waste lots of material. They may also take a long time to apply at first, which is inconvenient if you’re in a rush. In addition, not applying your lashes correctly will result in your lashes falling off throughout the day. This is why you should always undergo professional individual lash application.

Unlike eyelash extensions, you shouldn’t sleep with your individual lashes unless otherwise stated by your professional. You’ll have to take them off before you sleep. BE CAREFUL! Don’t pull the lashes off; instead, coat your lash line with oil to weaken the glue.

Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons

Are eyelash extensions the better option for you? Take a look at the pros and cons.


Since eyelash extensions are professionally done, they can last for weeks with proper maintenance. Since the technician works with your own lashes, they look more natural compared to individual lashes. You also have plenty of options to ensure you get the lashes you want and need.


Unlike individual lashes, you can’t apply eyelash extensions DIY. You’ll need a great professional to do your lashes for you. Even if your technician has lots of experience, they could still make mistakes that can be painful or ruin your natural lashes.

You should also schedule your first lash appointment when you have time since they take at least a couple of hours to apply.

Eyelash extensions are also expensive; depending on which lashes you’re getting, a full set can cost a couple of hundreds of dollars!

Eyelash extensions have strict maintenance. Some of the maintenance tasks include not getting them wet and blow-drying them every day. You also can’t remove them DIY — always get them removed by a technician.

You’re also strict with makeup options; for example, some technicians may advise against wearing eye makeup like eye shadow and eyeliner.

Also, not every client is suitable for eyelash extensions. For example, if you have issues with your eyesight, you should avoid getting eyelash extensions.

How to Choose the Right Lashes

There are countless options when it comes to both individual lashes and lash extensions. Here’s how to use these options to choose the best ones for you.

Take a Look at Your Own Lashes

The first thing all clients should do is study their own lashes. Take a look at the natural length and texture of your lashes. Are your lashes naturally long or short? Do your lashes have a natural curl?

If you’re getting your lashes done professionally, your lash specialist will recommend a specific type of lashes.

You can also use this cheat sheet. If your lashes are naturally fine, light, short, and/or straight, choose short or medium-length lashes. You’ll also benefit more when you get eyelash extensions over individual lashes.

If your lashes are naturally wavy, thick, long, and/or curly, you can get away with long and dramatic lashes. You can also opt for both individual lashes and eyelash extensions.


Both eyelash extensions and individual lashes come in a range of sizes. Short stem lashes have the most natural look. Long stem lashes give what’s called the “eyeliner look,” which defines the eyes even more. If you want more volume, you’ll want to go for individual lashes since one cluster has multiple strands.

Individual Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions: Time to Buy the Best Products

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