Lash Lift Balm


Product Description

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Lash Lift Balm For Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination

New Lash Lift Balm for attaching the eyelashes to the Lash Lift Rod and adhering the brows during a brow lamination service. 

Lash Lift Balm is a new advanced way to attach the eyelash to the lash lift rod while performing a lash lift. It does not fully dry so the hairs can easily be adjusted. It contains various types of oil that provides your customers lashes and brow extra nutrition during the service.  

Speeds Up The Lash Lift Process

Applying the eyelashes to the lash lift rod is easier with Lash Lift Balm.  The eyelashes attach to the rod quickly and smoothly.  You can even adjust the eyelashes after you attach them to the rod. 

How To Apply Lash Lift Balm

Use a flocked applicator or a mini brush to brush on the Lash Lift Balm to the eyelashes. 

It will attach the eyelashes quickly and smoothly to the lash lift rod. 

The product can be used alone or in conjunction with your lash lift glue or your brow lamination glue.  It is an added tool to use to create a beautiful lash lift and brow lamination service.

Use Lash Lift Balm When Waxing Eyebrows

This is also a great product to prep the brows prior to a wax service.  You are able to comb the brows and place them in the shape you want to be able to see clearly what needs to be waxed.  

Use Lash Lift Balm For After Care

As an added touch to any brow service you can apply a small amount to the brows for a polished looked.  This product does not need to be removed.  

Shapes and Grooms Eyebrows

Us the Lash Lift Balm to also shape and comb eyebrows.  Eyebrows will stay right where you want them after applying the lash lift balm.  Its like hair gel for your eyebrows. 

*** Only keep stock as needed.  To keep the product in a moist condition, replace the plastic insert and lid immediatly after removing product as needed.  May need to replace aproximatly every 60 days.

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