Mascara Brushes in Protective Tube


Product Description

Take Home Mascara Brushes For Spa and Salon Clients

New Mascara Brush Tubes are perfect for maintaining and brushing eyelashes and eyebrows.  Just put the brush in your purse, bag, or packet and whip it out whenever you need to brush your eyelash or eyebrows.  The brush is protected by the tube.  The tube is water tight so no moister will get in. Give one to every client. 

  • Standard size mascara brush
  • Give one to every client, after each service to help them care for their eyelash extensions
  • 5 Count or 20 Count
  • Color: Multicolor

Different Ways To Use The Eyelash Extension / Eyelash Spoolie in a Tube

This eyelash extension spoolie can be used to use when traveling or just home when getting ready for the day.  

The eyelash spoolie can also be used on eyelashes that have had a Lash Lift.  One idea is to put Lash Lift Balm on the mascara brush, store it in the tube and then use the brush to freshen up eyelashes when needed. 

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