Mega Hold Lash Lift Rod Glue 5ml


Product Description

The Mega Hold Lash Lift Rod Glue is designed to instantly hold even the strongest and most stubborn eyelashes that do not want to stay on the lash lift rod.  If you would like a Lash Lift Rod Glue that is slightly stronger than the standard glue than this is a great option.

WARNING: The Mega Hold Lash Lift Rod Glue is tacky and will be harder to use for new stylists.  This adhesive is very tacky but holds the eyelashes aggressively. Do not use to attach the rod to the skin. We do not recommend this adhesive for new lash stylists.  

User tip to avoid using too much rod glue:

As you remove the wand from the bottle, be sure to twirl the wand around the inside rim before removing it completely.  The remaining glue on the wand will be the perfect amount needed to adhere the lashes to the rod.  If you use this method, your rod glue will last longer.

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