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How to Achieving the Perfect Eyebrows by Mapping and Waxing

Posted by Gina on Jan 19, 2021

Learn How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

We are going to discuss a little on how to get the perfect brows. The most important, but most

missed step is the mapping. The brow mapping creates the perfect brow for each individual

person. There is a saying that,”eyebrows are sisters, not twins.” This statement is very true,

however the sisters have to live in the same state. That is where brow mapping comes into


There are many ways you can map the brows to make them a customized fit for the individual.

How many of us have gone in and had an artist immediately sit down, clean the brow area off

and just start waxing the loose hair? We have all seen it, do it or have had it done. Are you

ready to step up your brow game? I can help you build your confidence by adding 4 simple

steps to your brow wax. Your clients will love to hear about what you are doing and why. This

will lead to client retention and you making more money.

wax eyebrows to get the perfect shape

4 Steps to Brow Mapping

Step 1: With my pencil I align the nose with the inner corner of the eye and the brow. This will

create the perfect symmetrical space in between the eyes. Create a

mark with your pencil to mark the spot.

Step 2: Align the pencil starting with the nose to just outside the pupil of the eye, then create a

mark to map that spot. This will create the perfect arch. Who doesn’t want that perfect arch?

Step 3: Create a line from the nose to outside of the eye and create a mark. This will map

where the brow should have its ending point.

Step 4: Step 4 is not in the picture, but a crucial step just the same.

You want to create a horizontal line extending across the lower part of the brow.

Then creating a second line across the highest point of the brow. This will ensure the brows are

horizontally the same .

Her Comes The Eyebrow Fun

After you have mapped out the brows, this is where the fun comes in. I am going to educate you

on how to utilize Lash Stuffs brow products to create the perfect brows. Here is where you

choose if you want to use Hard wax or Soft wax. There is no wrong choice, it is personal

preference. Both of Lash Stuff's hard or soft wax can be utilized anywhere on the body. Hard

wax you would apply a little thicker, wait a few seconds while the wax creates a hardened

surface, you lift a little on one side; pull the skin taut and remove the wax. With Soft wax you

apply thinner, apply a wax strip; pull the skin taut and pull.

I personally prefer the soft wax for the brows because I can create a very thin layer of wax along

the brow, creating a nice crisp line. Besides, have you seen our soft wax? It’s purple glitter!

Who doesn’t want to be waxed with glitter? Everything's better with glitter!

Our wax system comes in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Pre-wax lotion with fruit acids. Use a cotton round or ball to spread the lotion for the

areas to be depilated. Make sure you clean any excess makeup or product off.

Step 2: Wax using my personal favorite, Glitter Strip wax. Temperature is crucial when waxing.

It is finding the perfect temperature. The climate and room temperature has a lot to do with

what you set your wax to. Usually if it is really cold outside, the heater will be on and warmer

inside. If it is a hot summer day outside, the air conditioner is running and colder inside. Both of

these circumstances will impact your wax and need to be taken into consideration. I

recommend setting your wax to a medium setting and change as needed depending on the

temperature of the room it is in. If the wax is too runny, it will not only drip more than needed

and create wax to fall where it is not intended to. At this temperature, it will most likely burn your

guests skin too. You want it to be sure it is a honey like consistency. If it is not warm enough

it will be hard to manipulate, pull the clients skin during application and will not remove all the

hair once it has been waxed.

For brows, I like to use the small application stick. This size of stick will allow you to apply it to a

small area in a very precise manner, creating a very nice clean line to wax. After applying the

wax, apply a wax strip over top. Very lightly press the strip into the wax. Count to 5 then pull

the skin taut and remove the wax strip against the growth of the hair.

Step 3: After all the waxing has been completed you will move on to step 3. The artist has the

choice of either Post Wax Cleanser, Latte Tea tree cleanser or Post Wax Lotion, Latte Aloe.

The Post Wax Cleanser, Latte Tea Tree Oil will remove leftover wax and soothe the skin. The

2nd option could be the Post Wax Lotion, Latte Aloe. This post wax lotion is great to soothe

irritated skin. Most artists have chosen to use both and they do work well together. The Latte

Tea Tree Oil cleanser is great at removing any sticky residue that is remaining, then going right

over top of that with the Post Wax Lotion, Latte Aloe.

Don’t let your guest leave without planning out their next appointment. To maintain perfect

brows, you should pre book your guests within 2 to 4 weeks.