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Providing Eyelash Tinting Services: How Long Does It Last and Is It Safe?

Posted by Sara on Jun 07, 2021

Dark, full eyelashes have always been popular. They have been an indicator of feminine beauty for centuries, and women may go through countless varieties of mascara and false eyelashes in an attempt to have beautiful, fuller lashes. It's believed that thick, dark eyelashes are attractive because they are a sign of health. If you want to give your clients beautiful, darker eyelashes, here is what you need to know about eyelash tint.

Before and after tinting eyelashes

What Is Eyelash Tinting?

Tinting is a treatment that can make women's eyelashes pop. While many women struggle with mascara every morning, eyelash tinting allows them to enjoy fuller and darker-appearing lashes without the use of false lashes or makeup.

Understand How Lash Tinting Works

Eyelash tinting uses a semi-permanent dye with three basic color options: blue-black, black and natural brown. To perform the tinting treatment, you apply a patch to the under the lash line. You then tint the lower lashes first before you move onto the upper lid. The dye only remains on the lashes for about eight to 10 minutes. The client should keep her eyes closed throughout the process.

Become an Expert in Lash Tinting

If you want to offer eyelash tinting services in your salon, consider becoming certified. To ensure that you can perform the treatment safely and effectively, there are eyelash tint classes available. Training includes comprehensive courses and training. Once you complete your training, you have the ability to bring out your client's natural beauty via lash tinting.

How Long Does Eyelash Tint Last?

On average, eyelash tint lasts about four weeks, or one month. A common misconception is that the color fades over time. In reality, the eyelashes begin to lighten because the dyed lashes are lost. Every month, you lose and regain lashes naturally.

How To Maintain Tinted Eyelashes

If your clients do not take care of their tinted eyelashes, they may see the color fade more quickly. It is important to keep lashes moisturized to preserve the color. Additionally, clients should be careful not to rub their eyes often, as this could stimulate the loss of lashes and quicker fading. Explain to your clients the importance of using gentle cleansers around the eye. Other tips for maintaining the dye include:

  • Avoiding chlorine
  • Avoiding sun exposure
  • Avoiding harsh skincare

How To Sell Temporary Services

If your clients have never heard of eyelash tint or are hesitant about the process, how can you sell the idea of lash tinting? While you understand the advantages, some potential customers may not. For a lot of people, the idea of dying their lashes is still new. Here are some tips for selling the procedure to your clients:

  • Treat eyelashes like a root touch-up: If your client dyes her hair regularly, then she already understands the need to have her roots touched up. Lash tinting is similar. You perform a lash tint every four weeks to keep the lashes fresh and dark.
  • Focus on the time-saving features: Most women spend a lot of time on their makeup in the morning, as well as constantly being on the lookout for the best mascara. With eyelash tinting, mascara becomes less necessary.
  • Show off your portfolio: As an esthetician, you should keep a professional portfolio. Once you start performing lash tinting services, take pictures of your favorite clients to show new customers. Before and after pictures can be persuasive.

Lash tinting is becoming more of a mainstream beauty treatment. Mastering this treatment and showing off what it can do can help you convince clients of its value.

Getting eyelashes tinted

How Can You Perform a Safe Eyelash Tint?

The first step to performing a safe eyelash tint is to complete your training. Additionally, you need to have a kit with high-quality dye and the correct tools to perform the tint. If you know how to apply the dye properly, you are less likely to make mistakes or harm your client.

Most cosmetologists and estheticians consider eyelash tinting to be a low-risk beauty treatment. If your client has sensitive skin, however, you may need to be cautious.

Survey Your Clients

Some people are sensitive to the ingredients in lash dye. Before you perform a tint, discuss the process. Ask your client if she has experienced any sensitivities with dyes before. You can also ask about her sensitivity to makeup or lash glue.

Though rare, an allergic reaction to a lash tint can be severe. You should not perform the treatment on clients who may be at high risk for a reaction.

Before every procedure, ask your client how she fared after the last treatment. Some people can develop allergies over time. For example, your client may suffer from itchiness or mild irritation that continues to worsen with every visit.

Perform a Patch Test

Always perform a patch test ahead of time, preferably least 48 hours before the treatment. You can add the dye to the elbow or behind the ear. If a client becomes itchy or irritated, or her skin gets a rash or begins to swell, she may not be able to go forward with the process. If there is no reaction, then you should be safe to continue the treatment.

Introduce Eyelash Tinting to Your Salon

The more beauty treatments you can offer at your salon, the more likely you are to bring in a wide range of clients. In fact, you can even become a one-stop shop for many women. For example, clients may come to you for an eyelash and eyebrow tint along with new hairstyle. If you provide any sort of esthetic treatments to your clients, consider the growing popularity of tinting lashes.

To provide effective and beautiful lash services to your clients, take a class to become eyelash tint certified. When you know the ins and outs of lash tinting, you can help your customers make informed decisions about their beauty treatment. For education, lash kits and more, let Lash Stuff help you provide new treatments to your clients.