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Salon Tip: Add a Eyebrow Tint and Wax Service

Posted by Gina on Dec 19, 2023

Learn How to Make More Money With a Eyebrow Tint and Wax Service

Are you stuck in making the same amount of revenue week after week and month after month? Are you ready to increase your income today by offering a new service to your customers? The tips I am about to share with you will not only help put more money into your pocket, it will increase your guest experience which will increase your guest retention.

Woman Getting Eyebrows Tinted and Waxed

Make More Money With Easy Services

Every year you should add services to your menu to help increase your overall guest experience for your guests. You want to keep your customers engaged, excited to hear all about the training and education you received. I did just that this year and I was able to increase my service sales by over $900 the first month. Service professionals can easily become complacent and plateau. 

By offering new services it can provide a pay raise to the service provider. It is up to you to come up with ways to bring in more revenue. By adding more services to entice new guests or keep your current customers engaged and excited to see you.

The simplest behavior can make a huge difference in your business. It doesn’t matter if you offer skin services, lash services, hair services or almost any beauty service. Everyone could benefit from a wax and eyebrow tint service. Creating a clean waxed brow and tint creates eyebrows that naturally frame the face increasing the natural shape and beauty. Tinting brows creates a natural shadow that creates the appearance of a fuller and more defined brow. 

This does not create any at home care. Some customers will still like to style their brow or comb them, but it is not necessary. A brow wax and tint will last approximately 4 weeks. You can add this to their next appointment or a great way to have them come in for just a brow wax and tint in between their regular maintenance appointments.


Kalentin Eyebrow Tint Kit

Three Steps For Salons to Make More Money

Step 1: Add brow waxing and tinting to your service menu. Place your wax pot and tints out in a way that my customers see it and it opens dialogue about it. Make sure you have it posted in your space that you are offering tint and brow services. Create a script that you can comfortably say to every single customer. I wrote out my script so I knew exactly what I wanted to say. 

This was my script, “I am so excited, I am launching brow waxing and tinting. Have you ever had your brows waxed and tinted?” It will depend on your clientele at the responses you will get. Some may not see why they would need it done or care. I like to brow map every single customer for free and even lightly fill in their brows. This will help show them what you could do for them.

Step 2: Overcome the “no” Do not give up if they do not want to do it today, that's ok. Maybe they did not plan enough time, money or maybe they are a little nervous and want to think about it. Service providers get nervous because they do not want to be pushy to their customers. Customers come to you for your professional advice and recommendations. You could risk losing your client because someone else is doing this.

Step 3: Stay consistent with your customers and offer it to every guest every single time. As professionals we get in the habit of just doing the services that customers have booked for. If you do this, you will lose a lot of potential revenue. If you are booked a few weeks out a brow wax and tint does not take a lot of extra time and can be added to processing time during a service. By doing this it creates higher tickets without using any more time.

Do The Math and See The Results

Activity: Look at your books. Count how many customers you have already scheduled this week. How much will you charge for a brow wax and tint service? Customer count x brow wax and tint cost = your increased revenue

Here is an example: YouI have 10 appointments booked this week. If you were to add brow wax and tint to 7 of those 10 appointments at $35 each, You would add an additional $245 to revenue for just 1 week or $490 in 2 weeks. In a 4 week month that would be almost $1000 extra revenue.

Woman getting eyebrows tinted

Ask Clients If They Want the Service

Maybe you already have brow wax and tint on your menu. Do you actually verbally offer to every single guest; every single appointment? I will bet that if you start asking every single customer if they wanted a brow wax and tint, some may not have even realized that you provided that service. Maybe they did know, but they thought they would have to book out in advance for it. It's up to you as the professional to educate your clients on all the services you offer.

Make It a Habit

Create the habits of continuing training and education on new services every 6 months to 1 year. Any lash, wax, or brow services are an easy add on to an existing appointment. There may be times that you or them really do not have the time to add it on today. Educate your customers about new services or existing services that may benefit them and book them for a future appointment. At the end of the appointment take note of what you talked about and follow up with them at their next appointment.

Staying consistent with your behaviors will give you the biggest result. Do not get discouraged if you do not get the results you want at first. Stay consistent in offerings and change up your approach with how you are educating your clients. Do not take it personal if they say no. It's ok. They are not saying no to you forever they are just saying not today. This is your business. You have the control to make the amount of money you need to live your best life. Your behavior is what will drive your results.