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The Basics of Applying False Eyelashes

Posted by Jess on Jun 23, 2021

As a cosmetologist or esthetician, people trust you to help them look and feel more beautiful. Clients want many different looks, so it’s important for you to be well-rounded and capable of offering a wide variety of services. One of the more popular services you may be asked to provide is false eyelash application. Applying false eyelashes can be tricky for some people, and they may ask you to do it as part of a general makeup routine for a dance, wedding or another special occasion. Here is what you should know about the basics of applying false lashes.

Woman wearing fake eyelashes

Apply Makeup First

Before you even think about applying lashes, you need to make sure all other makeup is applied first. Lashes should be the very last step in the makeup process. Doing this helps ensure the lashes do not collect eye shadow fallout and remain pristine and beautiful.

Prepare for Applying False Eyelashes

Once all other makeup is applied, it’s time to prepare for applying false eyelashes. To do this, make sure you have a few tools on hand, including:

Once you have these tools, you’re ready to get started. You’ll need to use the scissors to trim the lashes as needed, and the tweezers help you apply the lashes with accuracy.

Check for Fit

Use your tweezers to gently remove the lashes from the tray. Then, align the lash band with the natural lash line of your client, but don’t adhere to the lashes yet! Before applying false eyelashes, check if the lash band needs to be trimmed. If so, trim it to the desired length. Do the same thing with the other lash band to make sure both sets of lashes are the same length.

Apply the False Lashes With Glue

When the lash bands are both the ideal length, use the eyelash applicator to pick the lashes up so you can gently apply a thin layer of adhesive to them. You can use pointed cotton swabs or detail applicators to apply the glue to both bands. Do a patch test to make sure the client isn't sensitive to the adhesive.

Allow the adhesive to set for 30-45 seconds before applying the lashes. This ensures the glue has reached its optimal tackiness so the lashes will stay firmly in place.

Once the lash glue is sufficiently tacky, it’s time to put the eyelashes in place. When applying false eyelashes, start in the center of the eye, then press the lash band down lightly. Work your way to both corners to make sure it’s secured firmly in place. Don’t worry if you can still see a bit of glue. It will disappear once it’s fully dry. If it still shows once dry, simply use a liquid liner to cover the lash line.

Finish Up Applying False Eyelashes

To finish up the look, apply a final layer of mascara. This helps the natural lashes blend with the false lashes so you achieve a seamless look.

If your client loves the look of false lashes and ends up wanting lash extensions, you can get the training and supplies you need from Lash Stuff. Contact us to learn more about applying false eyelashes or our other training options.