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The Best Types of False Eyelashes for Beginners

Posted by Sara on Nov 02, 2021

All types of false eyelashes provide an opportunity to instantly transform the eyes’ overall effect and appearance. Fake lashes don’t clump, flake, or run the way mascara can, and they’re substantially faster and cheaper than eyelash extensions. What’s more, falsies allow anyone to create dramatic, glamourous, or beautiful eye looks in a matter of seconds. That said, some kinds of false lashes are easier to apply and to wear than others, especially for beginners. Use this guide to help those who are new to the world of falsies choose their best lash options and become more comfortable with selecting, applying, and wearing faux fringe.

Best Fake Eyelashes by Lash Stuff

Magnetic vs. Adhesive Types of False Eyelashes

There are two primary ways to affix today’s falsies to the eyelid: adhesives and magnets. Some beginners do better with one type over the other. Each has its pros and cons, so this decision is largely a matter of personal preference.

For adhesive eyelashes, a specially formulated eyelash glue is used to secure the lashes or lash strip to the eyelid. Adhesive-style falsies are available with thin, clear, flexible bands, which are a good choice for beginners who aren’t yet experts at strip placement. However, some lash rookies may find using lash adhesive to be challenging, and stray glue can disturb other eye makeup.

To use magnetic false lashes, on the other hand, a special magnetic eyeliner is applied to the eyelid, just like applying ordinary eyeliner. The magnetic lash strip snaps onto the eyeliner. Some people who are new to false eyelashes prefer using magnetic lash strips over working with eyelash glue. However, while adhesive lashes can be moved into the correct position while the glue is tacky, magnetic lashes are difficult to reposition once snapped in place, which may pose a challenge for people who don’t have much experience applying fake lashes.

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Silk vs. Acrylic Types of False Eyelashes

Getting used to wearing faux lashes is akin to getting used to wearing glasses or contact lenses. When people first start wearing vision correction, they tend to be very aware of the presence of these devices; eventually, however, most people hardly notice their glasses or contacts. Similarly, with proper fit and placement, people wearing false eyelashes can practically forget that they’re wearing falsies.

People just starting out with fake eyelashes should look for lashes made from 100% pure silk, rather than synthetic, acrylic styles. Silk lashes tend to be softer and more lightweight than acrylic. As a result, they’re more comfortable to wear and beginners are less likely to be aware of feeling them on their eyelids. Synthetic lashes, typically made of acrylic, tend to be more durable and can be used to create more dramatic looks than silk; however, acrylic lashes are also slightly heavier and stiffer than silk styles, making them much more noticeable for the wearer.

Find the Best Beginner-Friendly Lashes

With today’s comfortable and easy-to-apply falsies, your clients can easily achieve the eyelashes of your dreams, even if they’ve never tried fake lashes before. Lash Stuff offers a vast selection of all types of false eyelashes. Contact us to learn more about our best options for beginners.