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The Difference Between Hard Bead Hair Removal Wax and Soft Hair Removal Wax

Posted by Sara on Apr 25, 2022

What if you could remove more unwanted hair than ever before?

Many people rely on hair removal wax to take care of those unwanted follicles. However, there are different kinds of wax removal options. This includes using hard bead wax and soft hair wax.

But what are the differences between the two? What are the pros and cons, and how can you discover which one is right for your own body? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Person Applying Hair Removal Wax

Why Use Wax for Hair Removal?

Our guide is going to help you decide which hair removal wax is right for you. Before we go any further, though, it's worth exploring why wax has traditionally been used for hair removal.

Our use of wax to remove unwanted body hair goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used a variety of ways to remove unwanted hair, including beeswax and sugar-based wax. While very different from what we do now, this was the earliest precursor to modern waxing.

Flash forward to the 19th and early 20th centuries, and razors have become the most common way to remove unwanted hair. Gillette created the world's first female-friendly razor in 1915, and while this was a real cultural revolution, there were still limits to what a razor (even a very good razor) could do.

In the 1960s, wax strips were invented and soon became the norm for hair removal. After all, wax was more thorough than razors and considered safer than laser hair removal.

Since then, wax techniques and products have grown more and more advanced. Consumers have many choices when it comes to which wax to use, including whether they want to use hard bead wax or soft hair wax.

What Is Hard Bead Wax?

Before you can decide on which kind of hair removal wax you want to use, it's important to know what your options are. And that means we need to answer one of the big questions: just what is hard bead wax?

While there are different kinds of hard wax, the most popular kind is hard bead wax. As the name implies, this wax comes in the form of beads. Before the waxing process, these beads are placed into a special wax warmer, and the wax itself is applied while still warm.

Compared to other types of wax, hard wax is thicker. Due to its thickness, this wax is often applied with a spatula while it is still warm. Once this wax hardens, it can be conveniently removed without using strips.

Many people prefer hard wax because removing it is less painful than removing wax with strips. And due to it being less painful, many prefer to use hard wax on their face and other sensitive parts of their bodies.

Lash Stuff Hard Bead Wax

Benefits of Hard Bead Wax

Are you still wondering if hard wax is right for your hair removal needs? To help you make a decision, we're going to take a closer look at the different benefits that it has to offer.

One big benefit is something we already touched on: hard wax is relatively gentle on the skin. If you have previously avoided waxing because you're afraid it will be too painful, then hard bead wax is definitely the way to go.

Another benefit is that you don't need strips to remove the wax. In addition to making hair removal that much less painful, the fact that you don't have to use strips makes the whole process easier and more convenient as well.

The final benefit is that when you use hard wax, it leaves less residue on your skin than other types of wax. That makes your waxing aftercare easier, and knowing that you won't be dealing with excess residue afterward can give you serious peace of mind while waxing.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Hard Bead Wax?

Hard wax is safe, easy, and convenient in many different ways. But does this wax come with any drawbacks you should be aware of before you get started?

One potential drawback is that the hardened wax may come off on its own. While it is designed for you to tear off with your hands, you may discover hard wax coming off earlier than you intended.

The only other real drawbacks with hard wax relate to how long the process takes. For example, some people don't like that you must warm the wax before you put it on your skin, and others don't like that waxing larger areas can be relatively time-consuming.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether spending a little extra time on hair removal now is worth all of the time it will save you later versus relying on traditional razors.

What Is Soft Hair Wax?

Hard wax is a great option for hair removal, but it's not your only option. Before you wax again, it's important to know what soft hair wax is all about.

One of the things hard wax is famous for is that it sticks only to your hair and not your skin. However, soft hair wax sticks to both hair and skin. This can help with hair removal in some respects, but it can also lead to more irritation.

Soft waxing also involves using waxing strips. For some people, using these strips can lead to pain and irritation. This is why some people alternate between using hard wax on more sensitive areas (such as their faces) and using soft wax on less sensitive areas (such as their legs).

Soft Hair Removal Wax

Benefits of Soft Hair Wax

Earlier, we reviewed the main benefits of using hard wax. So, what are the special benefits that might cause you to choose soft hair wax instead?

First, soft hair wax doesn't require as much heating as hard wax. This is more convenient and can make the waxing process less time-consuming.

Unlike hard wax, soft hair wax usually doesn't break off on its own. If you've had this kind of negative experience with hard wax, you may want to try soft wax hair removal instead.

Finally, soft hair wax is easier to apply to larger parts of your body. So if you want to remove hair on your arms, legs, or back, this may be your best choice.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Hard Bead Wax?

Soft wax hair removal comes with many awesome benefits. But what are the drawbacks you should know about before you schedule your next session?

Because soft hair wax sticks to skin and hair, removing it will always be more painful than removing hard wax. And if you wax the same area repeatedly, your skin is that much more likely to get irritated.

Unlike hard wax, you're going to need a strip for soft wax hair removal. This can be inconvenient and also add to the pain of the experience.

Speaking of pain, soft wax hair removal tends to be more painful when done incorrectly. If you are trying to wax at home and are new to the process, then hard bead wax may make for a safer option.

General Waxing Risks

So far, we have focused on some of the risks that are unique to these different kinds of waxing. However, there are some general waxing risks you should be aware of. While waxing is safe for the majority of people, it's still important to know about these potential risks!

For example, waxing is bad for anyone suffering from diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and chronic liver disease. And you need to be careful not to apply wax to warts, moles, or varicose veins. You also need to keep wax away from your nose, ears, eyelashes, and nipples.

Finally, you should always monitor your post-waxing pain. If the skin is still red, swelling, or in pain after three days, it's important to visit your doctor about the matter right away.

The Main Differences Between Soft Hair Wax and Hard Bead Wax

Are you still wondering which hair removal wax is best? Here is our breakdown of the main differences between hard bead wax and soft hair wax.

Hard wax requires more heating than soft wax. Hard wax also sticks only to the skin, and soft wax sticks to both skin and hair. Because of this, hard wax removal is less painful than soft wax removal.

Soft wax hair removal requires strips, but you can break hard wax off with your bare hands. However, hard wax is designed primarily for smaller areas and soft wax was designed primarily for larger areas.

Ultimately, each type of wax is very useful, and you are likely to alternate between hard wax and soft wax depending on your hair removal needs.

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