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The Different Ways To Remove Hair From the Body and Face

Posted by Sara on May 18, 2021

The removal of body hair is something that many women strive to do more efficiently. This is especially true for those who do so on a regular basis.

After all, there are proven psychological benefits of looking good.

Fortunately, there’s a handful of options that you can take advantage of. Let’s take a look at the different ways to remove hair from your face and body.

Different types of hair removal


Although this process can quickly become tedious, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Shaving can be a notably effective way to remove body hair, especially for those who have very little.

The same also applies to those who have very fine hair on their body. The main issue here, however, is that it is fairly easy to nick yourself with a razor.

Additionally, this process only removes hair above the surface of your skin. So, it’s likely that it will grow back fairly quickly.

For the best results, it’s highly recommended that you make use of shaving cream or an abundant amount of soap. It’s also essential that you avoid using dull blades. Otherwise, you might find that your skin becomes irritated.


Unlike shaving, waxing allows you to remove hair from the roots. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, it involves applying warm wax over the region you wish to remove hair from.

Afterward, you then quickly remove the wax as it begins to cool. If done correctly, it will remove most (if not all) of the hair from the area where you applied it.

Since waxing doesn’t leave any stubble, it allows you to achieve a sleek, clean appearance. For those who have a relatively slow rate of growth for their body or facial hair, you can expect the results to last a while.

If you are looking to transition over to waxing from shaving, however, you will need to let your hair grow out long enough so that waxing can be effective.

Waxing the eyebrows


As the name suggests, electrolysis involves utilizing electric current to remove hair. More specifically, your professional will use a needle to administer a small burst of electric current directly into the hair follicle.

When handled correctly, this will result in permanent hair removal.

It should come as no surprise that you should never attempt to complete this process on your own. Depending on your pain threshold, you might also find electrolysis to be quite uncomfortable.

It’s also notorious for taking a long amount of time, something that many people find unpleasant.

If you’re willing to stick it out, though, there’s a strong chance that you will be thrilled with the results. If necessary, you can break your session up into different segments to help you accommodate the discomfort.

Laser Procedures

As opposed to electricity, laser procedures utilize light in order to destroy hair follicles. The laser is adjusted to cause the greatest impact on darker, thicker hair.

This makes it ideal for those who typically find it difficult to deal with hair that grows thick or fast. As with electrolysis, laser procedures are something that you should never attempt to handle on your own.

Doing so could easily lead to significant injury.

Although laser hair removal used to be somewhat painful in the past, current methods are virtually pain-free. Keep this option in mind if you’re looking for a fast, simple long-term hair removal solution.


Compared to the previous two methods, tweezing is far more simple. In fact, there’s a strong chance that you have tweezed hair from your face or body at some point in the past.

This process aims to pull individual hairs out of the skin, thus removing the root. As such, it’s best for spot treating smaller areas, such as in between your eyebrows or your chin.

Its main disadvantage is experiencing a slight sensation of pain. Additionally, it’s impractical for you to attempt to tweeze hair from large areas of your body.

This is a time-consuming process that an alternative method can perform much more efficiently.


By using twisted threads to latch onto the hair on your face, you can quickly remove these hairs as the threads are rolled across your skin. Since this process is non-invasive, it’s highly unlikely that you experience any type of damage to your skin.

This makes it a particularly enticing option for those who have relatively sensitive skin.

Despite how simple this process is, it can be notably difficult to thread your own hair. For this reason, people often choose to visit a salon instead.


By using a device known as an epilator, you can efficiently remove hair from your body and face while you’re at home. Epilation is also renowned for producing high-quality results.

Most people find that their skin feels smooth for weeks afterward, and this occurs due to the epilator pulling hair out by its root.

Epilation is also ideal for larger areas of your body, such as your legs. It’s important to remember that you should hold this device at a 90° angle during use.

This will allow you to achieve the greatest results.

These Different Ways to Remove Hair Can Be Game-Changing

So, be sure to keep our guide in mind. From here, you can use these different ways to remove hair from your face and body as effectively as possible.

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