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Summer is upon us. Use these tips to keep your adhesive fresh.

Posted by Sara on Aug 26, 2016

eyelash extension adhesive

Did you know that humidity and high temperatures can affect your eyelash extension adhesive?

Here are a few tips to keep your adhesive fresh despite the fluctuation in temperature and humidity levels that come along with the changing seasons.

1. The best temperature for your work area is 64 to 77 degrees and 40% to 60% humidity

·       If your temperature and humidity are too low or high, the adhesion and viscosity of your adhesive will be affected. You should use your adhesive in a stable environment. Especially in the summer or rainy seasons, humidity can be higher than what you are used to, a dehumidifier may be necessary in your work space to combat the higher humidity. Placing a hygrometer/humidity gauge in your work area will also help you control the temperature and humidity.

2. Exposing adhesive to oxygen could change its viscosity, diminishing the life of the adhesive

·      If you leave the lid off of your adhesive for a long period of time, or open & close it frequently, the viscosity may change. Most times, it will begin to get thick and gummy, and loose its adhesion or cause reduced retention for your clients. You need to keep air from entering the bottle as much as possible; it’s recommended that after you dispense your adhesive to “burp” the bottle, releasing any excess air in the bottle, allowing any adhesive stuck in the tip of the nozzle to relax back into the bottle, then wipe off the tip of the nozzle with lint free paper (i.e. wax paper) before replacing the lid. Also, try not squeezing the bottle when dispensing your adhesive, just let gravity work for you, this will make it less likely that excess air will enter the bottle. Check that the lid is tightly closed after each use. Keep your adhesive away from direct sunlight.

3. Always keep your adhesive fresh

·      You should store your adhesive at a constant temperature and humidity level. Remember that frequent temperature fluctuations will affect the function of your adhesive. If your adhesive is old, your adhesion will be affected. We keep our adhesive fresh so that you have the best product to work with.

4. Use before care products

·      By using a type of pre-treatment or cleanser at the beginning of your service, you will increase your adhesion, retention and dry time while you apply eyelash extensions.