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Top 5 Things to Know Prior to Your Lash Extension Appointment

Posted by Gina on Jul 06, 2022

It is so exciting to make the decision in getting lash extensions. Your life is going to be simpler. No mascara needed. You can just wake up and go. Who doesn’t want that? Making the decision can be the easier part. Knowing what to expect or is expecting of you, the client is another. An exceptional service provider will educate you on what to expect. If they don’t, it doesn’t mean they are not amazing technicians, they may assume you know. So, you don’t have to ask, we have put together the top things you need to do to prepare and what to take with you to help you relax and have an amazing experience while receiving your service.

Getting Eyelash Extensions Applied

Do Your Homework

1.Before you schedule an appointment know what you want. What training does your lash technician have? Some states require a cosmetology or esthetician license, and some do not. Knowing what your state requires helps you know if the person providing the lashes can legally perform these services. The next thing is knowing how much lash extension training and experience they have. I would even go as far as finding out what brand of product they use. You want to know if they provide their services from a reputable brand that has quality products. Look on Instagram or use a beauty directory to locate pictures and reviews on their services. Your eyes are precious, and you want to make sure you find the best lash technician. There are things that can go wrong if the service is performed incorrectly that can have longer term effects on your lashes. This is why finding a well-trained lash technician is crucial.

Best Eyelash Extensions

Prepare Before You Go

2.You should wash your face and have your face clean and clear going to your appointment. When receiving eyelash extensions, you cannot have any eye makeup on or be wearing contacts. If you are going to your appointment mid-day and you don’t have time to go home and wash your face well. You can take make up removing wipes and clean on the go. Wipes are amazing on the go. This does mean you shouldn’t wear too much make up that can not be removed with face wipes. Things you may not consider is your concealer, sunscreen, and moisturizer around your eyes. The oils from these products can get onto your lashes and leave them with oils you may not think about. Yes, your professional will clean your lashes prior to applying lashes. However, if you go in with them clean it helps them provide you more time applying lashes rather than removing makeup. This helps them, help you. 

Washing Face Before Eyelash Extension Appointment

The Appointment Could Take A Long Time

3. A full set of extensions can take 2 and a half to 3 hours. This time may vary depending on the style of lashes, fullness, and the speed of your technician. Speed should not always be taken into consideration when it comes to the experience of your technician. They may have done lashes a very long time, but they run a little slower. That is ok. Go into your appointment knowing you are going to spend some time with them. Go in and plan to relax. You can take headphones with you and listen to a podcast or music. Wear comfy clothes. The most amazing thing is to lay down and get into blank head space. A lash nap is the most relaxing experience you could possibly have. It is even nice to bring in a cozy blanket so you can be as comfortable as you need to be during your appointment.

Maybe you love conversation, and you don’t want a lash nap. You can tell your technician if you like to talk or be able to just have a lash. Some customers like to chat and enjoy the conversation with their technician. By letting your technician know it sets you up for the best appointment possible. The time is yours. Make it what you want it to be. Either way, dress comfy so you can be comfortable laying there for the amount of time that is needed to get your beautiful lashes done.

Lash Tech Applying Eyelash Extensions

Know How the After Care

4.Knowing the follow up care helps you maintain your lashes and getting the most out of your investment. You must clean your lashes well 1 to 2 times per day using a cleansing brush and eyelash shampoo. If you feel you still need mascara because your lashes are lighter than your lash extensions. That is ok, but you want to wear a very minimal amount and mascara on your natural lashes and that is water soluble. Meaning just water will remove the mascara without much effort or scrubbing. You can also decide to get your lashes tinted so your lashes blend more with the lash extension. This way no mascara will be needed. 

Reschedule Right Away

5. Setting your next appointment is necessary. To keep your lashes looking the best you will need to reschedule your next appointment with in 2 to 3 weeks. Even if your schedule is tight and you do not normally like to schedule appointments. This is really important with lash extensions. They are a commitment that is important to understand upfront. If you are getting them for a vacation or an event, make sure you create a follow up appointment to have them removed. It takes a special remover to take your extensions off. It is a miserable process If you think you are going to let them fall off naturally. When you only have a few lashes left it is natural behavior to start picking them off. When you pick at them you will most likely be removing your natural lashes with the false lash extension. Causing holes and gaps in your natural lash. 

I hope these top 5 things to expect when you are getting lash extensions help you know what to look for in a lash technician. What to expect during your appointment and the follow up care that is required to maintain healthy beautiful lashes. Knowing this information take stress of the unknown upfront and creates a stress-free appointment and aftercare. Lash Extensions are an amazing way to help you look and feel the best version of you. 

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