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Top 5 Tips to Help You Create a Perfect Lash Lift

Posted by Gina on May 23, 2022

Trouble Shooting Tips For Applying a Lash Lift

Are you able to get a perfect lash lift every single time on every single guest? Have you ever had part of the lashes lift great and part of them do not lift? Maybe they are not lasting as long as they should. The best way is to get certified in providing the lash lift service. Every brand has their own steps and processing with specific techniques on how to provide a perfect lash lift. Even if you have been certified in another brand, it is important to get certified in the brand you are using. A certificate is showing you were trained by the brand on how to perform their specific system. One size does not fit all in this case. 

Practice does makes progress. If you do not provide an amazing lift the first time or first few times, do not give up. Keep practicing. The more you do it; the better you will get. Even if you are a seasoned service professional these tips may help you if you find yourself not providing consistent results to every single guest, every single time. This will set you apart from every other professional.

Perfect Lash Lift by Lash Stuff

1.Correct Rod Size

Before you get started measure your lashes against a lash rod and decide which is the best size rod will work for the length of your clients’ lashes. Their lashes should wrap completely around the rod. If they do not, you will not get the full c curl. If they reach past the rod, it is ok. This leads to the next part of deciding which rod, which curl type are you going to use, c curl or j curl. C curl provides a tighter curl for your clients. The J curl provides more lift and give the appearance of longer lashes. 

Someone who has shorter lashes may look better with a J curl, which provides more length and lifting appearing to your client. With Lash Stuff Las Rods you get to choose the perfect curl with just one style of rods. If you want a curl, you place both colored side to the right. If you want a J curl, you place both rods to the left.

Best Lash Lift Rods

2. Prepping The Area

Cleaning the lashes and skin is huge. This will remove any debris, makeup and oils. These things can hinder the rod staying on the skin or the lashes staying on the rod. If the lashes are oily, it could also not allow step one and two to penetrate the lashes providing inconsistent results. After you clean the lashes allow long enough for the lashes and skin to be 100 % dried before moving onto placing adhesive or gel lash pads. If the skin is not dry, the gel lash pads or the rods to stay in place while performing the service.

3.Taping The Eye

Have you ever gone to give a lash lift and they have a looser or a droopy eyelid? If you tape the lash lid up with tape, it will create a better space to apply the rod to. You can do this by placing tape just above the lash line vertically and pull the lid up and secure just above the eyebrow. Once the skin is smooth you can apply the rod and it will be easier to see where you are placing it and it will stay better when the skin is secure and held tight.

4.Rod Placement

Your goal is to place the rod as close to the lash line as possible. You do not want to see any of the eyelid after the rod is secured in place. You start this by picking up your rod, applying a light amount of rod glue to the back side of the rod. You then place the rod on the inside of the eye and roll it down and lightly press down until the rod is securely in place. Double check the placement of the rod and if it in the perfect position and give it one last press. Wait 30 seconds and move on to the next eye. 

You want to make sure the rod is secure prior to moving on so it does not slip when you adjust the other eye. After you have finished both eyes, double check the placement. You want to do this by using a mirror or physically get up and look directly at the lashes. If you are not close to the lash line you will not achieve a true c curl or the lift a j curl offers.

5. Lash Placement 

You should take the time on this next step. Do not rush it. After you have secured the rod down you can now start attaching the lashes to the rod. Start by applying a small amount of adhesive to a y brush or mini stick. Start on the inside of the eyelashes, add a very small amount of glue to 2 to 3 lashes and comb upward. You want the lashes to adhere to the rod directly upward, and straight. Keep working the lashes until they are perfect. Slowly move across the eyelashes until you reach the outer corner. 

If you have a few lashes that have not stayed attached to the rod, then add a little more adhesive to you application tool and continue to smooth them over the rod. If you choose too much rod glue it could make it so step 1 and 2 may not be able to work as well as it should. The rod glue can create a barrier, so you do not achieve desired results. Therefore, minimal glue and working slow provide consistent results.

These top 5 troubleshoot tips will help you provide an amazing service consistently every time you perform a lash lift service. If you have results that are not ideal take into consideration each of these hot tips. You may have just started or have done lash lifts for a long time and be a seasoned artist. Always be open to learning new tips and tricks. This will help you provide amazing results and continue to grow as a service professional. 

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