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What is Beauty Profession Success in 2022?

Posted by Gina on Apr 29, 2022

What Does It Mean To Be Successful in the Beauty Salon Industry

Success is such a cliché. Being successful is a personal situation and what you feel success means to you. Some may feel success means you have a fancy car house or tangible things. To some that may be important and to others that is not important. Are those tangible things success without those around you to enjoy it with and the time to enjoy them? Everyone’s definition of success is measured in very different ways. Those around you may have an opinion of what your success should look like. Don’t let others idealistic version of what success look like impact your vision of what it is. Do not make anyone else’s opinion be your reality.

Successful Woman at Beauty Salon

It Starts With Vision

It starts with a clarity of your Vision. Your vision should start with why you started doing services? Some may think this was an easy option. It is not easy to be in the service industry. It takes a lot of work to not only learn to do your trade and the services but run a business well. You are not just selling products; you are selling yourself. This can be emotional and hard if someone tells you ‘No’. We take it personally as if they are saying you are not good enough. That is not the case. It may take time to learn how to separate the emotional part from the business part.

Some may be nervous to sell product or themselves. Sells and Service are one in the same. All it really is, is a conversation. You do not have struggle to engage in conversation that creates enough value in what you are trying to educate your client about. Educate your guest authentically about what you can do to provide a service that will impact them in a better way. You must listen to your customer and or visually see what services you can offer and how it can help them.

Two Different Types of Selling Behaviors

There are two different types of selling behaviors: transactionally or transformational. They may be a little similar, but one will support your growth and help you separate emotion and acceptance from your business with the service you are going to provide.

Successful woman taking payment

Transactional Selling

You can transactionally sell in your business. Transactionally selling is offering a service or product to every single person. You are working more with odds. If you off something to 10 people, you may have a few people purchase or receive the product. It is about achieving specific goals without intentional offering. This may work, but it is not sustainable in the service industry. It is only focused on results. Yes, we want results, but are you only focused on the results of your business? This process may be scary, and some may not offer their services because they are worried about hearing ‘no’. Not hearing ‘yes’, is ok. For some reason the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are two very emotional words. It goes back to us wanting to be liked and accepted and you offering a service and they say, ‘no’, we hear a whisper of our personal value attached. You also may be afraid that someone can’t afford what you are offering it may be awkward for your customer. You can not tell what they have budgeted for their service. 

We have all been here. Transactional selling may be forced, uncomfortable and sound scripted. A transaction is really a one-time thing. We want to promote the value of it to the customer, so it becomes them getting a service every single time they come in. You may feel you can only be successful is the hustling harder to have better results. This is not how you create success in the service industry. It creates burn out and you will eventually check out and results stop all together.

Transformational Selling

Transformational selling is with a service intention for your guest; focused on change and growth. Transformation selling is offering a service or product to those guests who have a need for it. If they say no, that just means they are not ready for change today, not because you are not worthy in providing the service. You know with the best intention that your customer will love the new service and they have a need for it, you simply provide a solution to them. You are a problem solver. If you provide a solution for someone then they are more likely to gain a new customer, or a current customer receives a new service. Since it will solve a problem, they may have they will most likely receive it over and over. Your primary focus is adding value to your guest. 

That could be a new service, product or with experience. Even if they tell you ‘No’ it is not about you. They are just not ready for the change or commitment today. That has nothing to do with you, personally. Your offer is intention and has a purpose then it has nothing to do with you if they receive the product or service today. Your mindset shift will help you be intentional with your business and help you separate your feelings from the services you are offering.

Women taking selfie at beauty salon

You may have not started in this industry to service others in their mental well being or helping other feel good about themselves, but the fact in the matter is that is what you are doing. It is not always about the result, but about the time they have being able to pamper themselves. To me, this adds to my success.

Success Depends on You

What does success look like to you? Is it about having a certain amount of money you have in your bank or the tangible things? Yes, we need goals to be able to know if we are gaining results. This does not equate to success. Success is how you feel, happiness, friendship, health, etc. If you do not transactionally sell and transform sell it will lead to more success because it won’t be stressful. When you don’t have the stress of hitting every goal along the way, it makes your success look different.

I have known people that have fought so hard to push harder and harder, do more every day. They may make money and grow until the burn out and crash. You do not have to live this way. The more money you have, the more money you need. You want to do less, intentionally, and better. Get clear on what success looks like to you. Are you happy having your dream car, but no friends and family to enjoy it with? You can have it all. Just do not put unrealistic demands on what success is. Enjoy you work, service others with intention. This will help you attain your goals that include things, family and most importantly time. Time for you to enjoy everything. That Is what success is.