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Which False Eyelashes Are Best for You?

Posted by Sara on Mar 09, 2021

False eyelashes are about as close as you can get to real-life beauty magic. The right lashes can instantly transform the look of your entire face and dramatically boost your confidence level. Of course, choosing the wrong ones could result in a less-than-desirable effect. So, how do you know which false lashes are right for you?

Find the Right False Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

Regardless of how beautiful a particular brand or style of lashes looked on your favorite celebrity, false lashes look different on everyone. A shape or style that doesn’t flatter your eye shape, size, and position won’t yield the results you’re hoping for. When choosing a set of false lashes, it’s wise to use your eye shape as a starting point.

Applying false eyelashes by Lash Stuff

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are shaped like an almond or a football, usually with no white visible either below or above the iris (the colored part of your eye). This eye shape works well with just about all false lash styles. To accentuate those almond-shaped beauties, choose voluminous false lashes that are distributed evenly all along the band. Full lashes with a bit of a crisscross pattern at the base are especially gorgeous for this eye shape.

Round Eyes

So-called “round” eyes can be nearly circular, but more often they are closer to oval-shaped or even rectangle-shaped. They tend to be large, and you can likely see white above and/or below the iris. For this eye shape, wispy lashes with a winged shape are often the most flattering. The classically sexy “cat-eye” look can have a narrowing effect on some eye shapes, but people with round eyes can easily rock this style. Choose lash silhouettes with added volume at the outer corners for an irresistible, come-hither cat-eye.

Monolid Eyes

People with monolid eyes do not have a visible eyelid crease. This eye shape is most common among Asian ethnicities, though it certainly exists in many other ethnic groups. Very heavy, dense lash styles can look awkward and unnatural on people with monolid eyes. Instead, if you have this eye shape, look for false eyelashes with a light, fluttery feel and a crisscross shape. Lashes that are shorter in length also can look amazing.

Deep-Set Eyes

You may have deep-set eyes if your brow bone is prominent, or if your eyes appear to sit slightly behind your brow bone. When it comes to false lashes, people with this eye shape get to have all the fun, thanks to a bone structure that can stand up to long, dramatic lashes. If you have deep-set eyes, you should avoid choosing short or subtle lash styles. Try a long, curled style to widen and accentuate your eyes.

Small or Hooded Eyes

People with hooded eyes have a heavier eyelid crease. The fold of the eyelid may obscure some of the lid when the eyes are open. Avoid long, dense, dramatic lash styles, which only add to the weight of the upper fold. Instead, look for lashes that are longest in the center and tapered toward the ends. Hooded eyes are also beautiful in shorter lash styles.

Consider the Occasion

Where and how you plan to wear your false eyelashes makes a huge difference in selecting the right style. For example, if you’re planning to rock these lashes every day, hope to accentuate your eyes during a meeting or photo session, or just want to boost your confidence during an interview or presentation, then your best bet is to choose a more natural-looking style. Lashes that are shorter and less dense tend to be more natural-looking and are ideal for professional and daytime settings. Be sure to choose lashes with a nude or clear band for the most natural appearance.

false strip eyelashes

On the other hand, you may be hoping to ramp up your style for a big night out, try a sexy new look for a special night in, or find a va-va-voom style that can stand up to stage lights and flashbulbs. In those scenarios, choose lash styles that are less about blending in and are more about drama and fun.

Even if you’ll only be wearing your lashes for a quick photo opportunity, it’s still essential to choose lashes that stay reliably in place and are comfortable to wear. Silk lashes are an excellent choice: They weigh less than real hair, which makes them exceptionally comfortable for all-day wear. Magnetic lashes are another great choice for all-day comfort and supreme staying power.

Choose the Best Application Type for Your False Eyelashes

False strip lashes have traditionally been applied using waterproof eyelash adhesive. However, magnetic lash strips are becoming increasingly popular. There are benefits and drawbacks to each application method.

Adhesive Lashes

Most false strip lashes adhere to your skin using eyelash glue. To apply, first trim the lash strip to fit your eye (the strip should not extend beyond your own lashes). Add a thin layer of glue evenly to the band, then wait about 20-30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. While looking down, place the band on your eyelid, as close to your lash line as possible. Adjust the strip placement as needed to achieve the most natural and comfortable look and fit, then gently press the strip into your skin to set the glue.

You can use your fingers or large tweezers to apply the lashes, although many people find that a special eyelash applicator works best. Lash glue delivers a sturdy, long-lasting hold; however, it can cause irritation in some people.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes do not use any glue. Instead, they work using tiny but strong micro-magnets in the band. They usually consist of a top layer and a bottom layer, which attach to each other while sandwiching your natural lashes. The latest types of magnetic lash strips also use a liquid eyeliner that contains iron oxide, a natural mineral that is already present in many other cosmetics. This magnetic eyeliner helps hold the lashes securely in place and prevents them from slipping away from your eyelid and creating a gap between the lashes and your skin.

Whichever type of false eyelashes you prefer, Lash Stuff offers a huge selection of the highest quality false lash strips, with styles available to suit every face and occasion.

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