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3 Tips To Help Your Customers Pick the Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Small Eyes

Posted by Jess on Jun 29, 2021

Magnetic lashes are a true beauty game-changer for people who want all the beauty-enhancing benefits of gorgeous, fluttery false lashes without the hassle of messy adhesive and hit-or-miss application. For people with small eyes, however, navigating the world of magnetic lashes can be challenging. While the right styles can open petite peepers up and create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes, the wrong styles of magnetic lashes can make small eyes appear even smaller. Try these tips to help your customers select the best magnetic eyelashes for small eyes.

Magnetic Eyelashes are better

1. Quality: All Magnetic Lashes Are Not Created Equal

Quality is important when choosing any type of beauty supplies, but this is particularly true for customers with small eyes. Some magnetic lashes are designed in a “sandwich” style. Each set contains two lash strips for each eye. One strip is applied below the lash line and the other strip is applied above the lash line, sandwiching the customer’s natural eyelashes in between. Customers with smaller eyes should avoid these sandwich-type magnetic lashes, which can weigh the lashes down.

Rather than use a sandwich design, the best magnetic eyelashes for small eyes utilize a special magnetic eyeliner, which is applied to the eye like ordinary liner. The micromagnets in the lash strip adhere to the magnetic liner. For the best results, also look for magnetic lashes made of 100% silk, which is extra lightweight.

2. Shape: Light and Wispy Looks Are Best for Small Eyes

Lush, voluminous false lashes are great for creating sultry bedroom eyes. However, high-volume lashes can overwhelm smaller eyes, making them look partially closed and thus even smaller. Instead, customers with small eyes should focus on lash styles that appear to open the eye. Look for magnetic lashes with a wispy shape or crisscross structure that are longest in the middle and taper toward the ends. Avoid dramatic lengths, which can weigh the lid down.

3. Finishing Touches: Even the Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Small Eyes Should Be Customized

For customers with small eyes, customizing the size of the lash strip is the key to ensuring a perfect fit. Even the lightest, wispiest magnetic lashes often have a strip length that is too long for small eyes. The solution? Trim the strip to the correct length: It should cover about two-thirds to three-quarters of the customer’s eyelid.

  • For styles that get longer or fuller on one end, trim from the longest or fullest end.
  • For styles that are longest in the center, trim equal amounts from each end of the strip.
  • Trim so that there are micromagnets as close to each end as possible.

Offer Your Customers the Best Magnetic Eyelashes for Small Eyes

In addition to assisting your customers in choosing the right magnetic lashes to open and enlarge smaller eyes, educate them about the proper way to apply and care for magnetic lashes to consistently achieve the lashes of their dreams. Contact us for more information or to stock your salon with the best magnetic eyelashes for small eyes.