Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes - Set M1029


Product Description

You Can Increase the Length and Volume of Your Eyelashes Today

One thing is certain: your eyes, whether chocolate-brown, cornflower blue, gemstone green, slate grey, amber, or mixed shades of hazel, are the most expressive part of your body. A woman's eyes, framed by lovely eyelashes, builds on her beauty and can be unforgettable. Full, long eyelashes have always been popular but are more popular today than ever before. If you find your eyelashes are not as long and full as you wish they were, Lush Stuff is the solution.

Our lashes look natural, are quick and easy to apply, and when cared for properly, can be reused up to twenty times. If you're a fan of big beautiful lashes, once you've tried them, Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes are going to become a favorite in your beauty tool-kit arsenal.

We are proud to offer you this popular, durable, and safe eyelash enhancement product.  

Don't delay! Browse our range of Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes and find the perfect set for your lifestyle today. 

The benefits

Our lashes can be worn on any occasion. Unlike mascara, our lashes don't clump, smear, or stick together. They're easy to remove and instantly give you gorgeous, perfectly separated, long, curvy lashes. Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes come with non-allergenic magnetic eyeliner. If you're wondering what magnetic eyeliner does, we're happy to explain.

What is magnetic eyeliner for?

Magnetic eyeliner is designed to accentuate your eyes while helping your magnetic lashes stay in place. Our magnetic eyeliner is made with safe FDA-approved ingredients and is easier to use than eyelash adhesive.

We are happy to answer any product-related questions you might have.

Are you ready to enhance your appearance by increasing the length and volume of your eyelashes?

Order your Magnetic Silk Strip Lashes today!



100% Silk Magnetic Strip Eyelashes

Extremely light and comfortable

Lash Stuff Magnetic Silk Strip Eyelashes are made of 100% silk and come with 1 pair of magnetic strip eyelashes, 1 magnetic eyeliner, and 1 applicator. The 100% silk material provides a light and fluffy feel that is extremely comfortable. Wear these magnetic strip eyelashes all day long. These magnetic strip eyelashes can be easily applied and reused over and over.


To wear simply apply the magnetic eyeliner on the lash line and wait until dry.  Next trim the magnetic strip eyelash as needed and apply the magnetic strip eyelashes on the lash line.



1 pair of magnetic strip eyelashes

1 5ml tube of black magnetic eyeliner

1 applicator


  • Adds volume and length
  • Looks natural
  • Black band provides comfort
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to apply
  • Wear all day long
  • With proper care reusable up to 20 times 


Unused, non-opened false strip eyelashes and strip eyelash glue may be returned within 30 days from the purchase date. 

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