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Clean Eyelashes Every Time Before Applying Extensions

Posted by Sara on Dec 21, 2016

Do you need to cleanse the client’s lashes prior to applying eyelash extensions?

Clean natural eyelashes before applying eyelash extensions

The answer is Yes! With each client, whether you are applying a full set of lashes or just a fill, you should always cleanse the lashes prior to starting the service. Any debris or residue on the natural lashes will cause a barrier between the natural lash and the adhesive. Once that debris is loosened or washed off, it will also release the extension causing a lower retention rate.

Even if the client has visibly clean lashes, use any recommended method of pre-treatment to ensure the lashes are “squeaky clean”; most often, you will find that there is still some makeup residue or natural oils still on the lashes at the lash line.

Pre-treatment methods:

  • Pre-Treatment/Primer for the natural lashes
  • Protein Remover
  • Human pH Saline Solution for sensitive clients
  • Cleansing Mousse followed by a saline rinse for visibly dirty lashes