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Eyelash Extension Application: A How-To Guide

Posted by Jess on Apr 02, 2021

Eyelash Extension Application General Guide

Long, beautiful eyelashes are in, and more and more people are using eyelash extensions to make their eyes stand out.

If you’re hoping to break through into the eyelash extension business, you’ll need to know how to apply them to customers correctly. That’s where we step in.

In this short tutorial, you’ll learn the eight steps for eyelash extension application, along with plenty of tips for the best practice. Ready to get started? Let’s go.

eyelash extension application

Eyelash Extension Preparation

Before you start your eyelash extension application, you’ll need to get prepped. First, clean all the tools you’re going to use during the procedure and put them somewhere easy to reach. Then, wash your hands.

Make sure the place you’re going to use your eyelash extension supplies in is light enough. If you can, it also helps to check beforehand if your customer wears contact lenses. If they do, they’ll need to be removed for the procedure.

Your customer should be lying on a cosmetic bed in a comfortable position. Start the preparation process by cleaning and refreshing the face and eyelashes with a non-oil-based cleanser.

It’s also essential that the eyelashes aren’t curled before the application. The straighter the eyelashes are, the easier it is to bond them with glue.

Decide how you’re going to place your lashes before choosing the size of the lashes you’re going to use. Keep them in easy reach.

Eyelash Extension Application

Now it’s time for your eyelash extension instructions.

1. Apply Under-Eye Stickers

When applying under-eye stickers or gel patches beneath the eyes, you should avoid setting the sticker too close to the eye. The sticker should be set over the lower lashes, approximately three to four millimeters from the lower lash line.

Check the lids from below to make sure the upper and lower lids create a seal with no gaps.

2. Choose Eyelash Extensions

Next, it’s time to choose your eyelash extensions. Always use at least three different lengths of eyelash extensions that range from six mm to 14 mm. We recommend using eight mm eyelash extensions in the eye's inner corners to avoid an over-the-top lash look.

It’s also essential to use eight mm extensions across the eye, fitting between the longer lash extensions for a thicker lash line.

If you don’t use short extensions, there will be empty gaps that make the long extensions resemble spider legs, and nobody wants that look.

For a dramatic eyelash look, choose the thickest (0.25mm) curly eyelash extensions. For a more natural look, opt for more delicate extensions.

3. Pick-Up

Spread the lashes across a vinyl pad that’s created for the quick pick-up of eyelash extensions. Orient the extensions using tweezers. The eyelash extensions should be oriented at a 90° angle for an easy and precise procedure.

4. Dip

While holding the eyelash extension from its tapered end, dip it into the adhesive. It’s essential to ensure that there’s plenty of bond at the bottom of the extension. If there’s too much, wipe off any excess.

5. Separate and Swipe

Separate the natural lash using curved tweezers. While holding the eyelash extension from its tapered side, swipe it along the natural lash. Cover the natural lash with adhesive from the bottom to the tip, making sure there are no gaps in the glue.

Spread the glue until it's smooth.

6. Set

Once you’ve swiped the natural lash with plenty of adhesive to cover it, set the eyelash extension on the lash approximately one to two mm away from the eyelid. Set the extension directly onto the natural lash.

The eyelash should be facing upwards and parallel to the other eyelashes. There should be no residue or beads of glue. Be sure not to touch the eyelash extensions after setting.

Start work in another area or the opposite eye and keep applying extensions until it becomes too hard to isolate more natural lashes.

7. Separate

No two extensions or natural lashes must be stuck together. Use your two pairs of tweezers to separate any extensions from other lashes or extensions.

Pick and separate horizontally. This is best done when the adhesive is dry but not fully cured. Don’t pull in a vertical direction or set any tension on the natural lashes.

8. Dry

When all the natural lashes have an extension properly bonded, you need to dry the new lashes for three minutes. Mist the lashes with distilled water. Then, dry again for three minutes.

Finally, conduct one last round of separation.

Remember, precise bonding is the secret for beautiful eyelash extensions. Any separation between the eyelash extension and the natural lash will affect the bond, and the effects of the extensions won’t last long.

Eyelash Extension Application Aftercare

For the best eyelash extension application results, your customers must take care of their new lashes.

The first 24 to 48 hours are crucial for the bonding process. Ensure your clients know that they mustn’t get their lashes wet during this timeframe so the glue can dry adequately.

Customers should also avoid hot steam from the shower and sauna during this timeframe. They should also be gentle with their eyelashes and should avoid rubbing their eyes excessively.

Clients should avoid wearing mascara or using an eyelash curler and must not wash their lashes either.

If you’re looking for high-quality eyelash extension supplies, we’re here to help. Check out our wide collection of eyelash extensions, and more so you can give your clients beautiful, long lashes.