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How To Clean and Take Care of Your False Eyelashes

Posted by Gina on Aug 16, 2021

False eyelashes provide a lovely mystique or drama to an elegant look or add a bit of flair and pizazz to something more casual and colorful. While falsies are not the most expensive beauty accessory, depending on how frequently you wear and replace them, the price does add up over time. To make the most of your lash stash, it is advantageous to learn how to clean false eyelashes.

The Importance of Learning How To Clean False Eyelashes

While it is simple enough to throw away your falsies when you are finished with them, it is a waste of the money spent on them to use them once and discard them. You can get several uses of your lashes when you clean them, meaning that the initial $10 to $15 for false strips or more for fancier and more unique options will not seem so bad. Consider this: you spend $10 on lashes, but you get two or three uses out of them; that means you are essentially paying about $3 per experience. Not bad, right?

Clean fake eyelashes

How To Clean False Eyelashes in Three Steps

The process to clean falsies is not complicated, thankfully. You can likely clean the entire set within 20 minutes, and that includes a 15-minute soak. However, you might opt for a different method that can speed up the process. Regardless of the process you choose to follow, all of them will typically include the following three steps.

1. Remove the Excess Glue

When removing falsies, you do not want to be too aggressive or forceful. Tugging or yanking at the lashes risks damaging the false lash and pulling out your lash hairs.

Instead of recklessly pulling at the lash, use your index finger to locate the lash band at the inner corner of your eyelid. You want to gently pull the band until you have enough of it to get a grip on it, not your lashes. Then, slowly pull out and away like unzipping a pocket or purse.

With the lashes in hand, you will notice excess glue. You want to remove as much of the excess glue as possible before moving onto the next step. You can use tweezers.

2. Use Micellar Water To Clean the Lashes

You can soak your lashes in a solution of warm water mixed with a little micellar water for 15 minutes. Some argue soaking your lashes will distort their shape, but others feel there is no better way to clean old falsies.

If you do not want to soak your lashes because you worry about distorting their shape, then use cotton swabs or rounds with some micellar water instead. Using the cotton rounds soaked with the special water will help remove excess debris, glue, and makeup.

3. Dry Lashes With a Lintless Towel

Finally, you will need to dry your falsies. While you can let them air dry, depending on the method you use to wash them, false lashes might need a bit of help to speed up the process. You will want to use a lintless towel, like a paper towel, to avoid any problems.

Learning how to clean false eyelashes is an excellent way to prolong use and reduce expense. Want more help with false lashes? Contact Lash Stuff.